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5 Tips On How To Reduce Your Thighs

Bulky thighs makes bulky you, even if you are not otherwise. Those extra inches on the circumference of your thighs never looks good, no...
easiest way to reduce hips fat

5 Easiest Tips To Reduce Hips Fat

Why only Kim Kardashian out of all the celebrities in the world has garnered distinct attention for her buttocks and no one else? The reason...

5 Amazing Benefits Of Push-Ups

New York Times has coined it as “the ultimate barometer of fitness”. This itself says it all. You can aspire to do push ups...
dengue mosquito

Our Battle With Dengue Fever

Dengue is often referred to as “bone-breaking” illness or “dandy fever” that basically wipes you out. Most of the key symptoms of dengue are...

Superb Health Benefits of Playing Football – Vivekanand’s Point of View

At a time, when the roar of the FIFA (Federation of International Football Association) World Cup, 2014, can be heard loud and clear --...

5 Nutritional Facts and Health Benefits of Coconut Water :

 A nature’s gift and a refreshing drink both in one, what more could one ask for? Coconut water which is found in tender coconut has...

Stronger Bones and Joints, Stronger You

Bones and joints needs to be taken special care of as it supports and protects the internal body organs. It is an efficient factory...
cervical cancer

Cervical Cancer Is Critical…!!!

What Do You Know About Cervical Cancer ? According to American Cancer Society, cervical cancer is the most leading cause of death in America. Cervical...

Must Know Trivia About Triceps

Karim Ramos, a fitness fanatic himself asserts that women are the mostly affected individuals out of the two sexes and are desperate to get...

Negative Side Effects of Gym – What Happens When You Stop Going to Gym

Six-pack abs are what every youth, perhaps, would love to have. They spend hours in Gym to look like one of their role models,...



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