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5 Tips On How To Reduce Your Thighs

Bulky thighs makes bulky you, even if you are not otherwise. Those extra inches on the circumference of your thighs never looks good, no...

How To Increase Hand Grip Strength? Follow These 5 Easy Tips

5 Ways to Build Your Hand Grip & Forearms Stronger Muscular forearms are not just good for firm handshake but building your grip strength is...
whey protein vs egg

Egg Protein Vs Whey Protein

What is protein: Protein is a micro nutrient which is required for all ages and sexes. It is required to build muscles. 65% of...

5 Reasons Why A Morning Cup Of Black Coffee Is Wondrous!

"Coffee is the best thing to douse the sunrise with”. This age old proverb has it’s own benefits and works as an absolute impetus...

No Time to Exercise – Five Ways to Stay Naturally Fit & Healthy

The perpetually changing living circumstances; the environment, the food, the lifestyle, unhealthy habits, longer working hours, stress, pressure et cetera. The list affecting our...

Start Eating Good Foods For Healthy Brain

 “A healthy mind requires healthy food”. Food is the impetus for good intellectual brain and this is the reason while we were kids our...

6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Watermelons that You Never Know Before

Beat the heat by gorging into watermelons. This water infused fruit gives immense relief from scorching summer and enables you to combat dehydration by...

6 Different Types Of Motivation For Fitness

6 Different Types Of Motivation For Fitness Everybody has his/her own brand of self-encouragement and determination. Each of us is motivated a little differently. Some...

10 Reasons For Why Workout Makes You More Attractive

10 Reasons For Why Workout Makes You More Attractive Regular exercise reduces the heart diseases, strokes, blood pressure and bones etc. Everyone is aware of...
Health Benefits of Giloy

Health Benefits of Giloy Ayurvedic Herb

Giloy is a wonderful herb that provides many health benefits. It is popularly used in ancient Ayurvedic systems. Here are some Amazing health benefits...



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