Women Fertility – A hope turns into happiness

Women Fertility – A hope turns into happiness

women fertility

What Fertility Means ???

Fertility is a natural phenomenon in women that determines the capability to produce offspring. Practically, fertility rate is defined as the number of offspring take birth per couple or population. Fertility is one the major point of concern in today’s era. The human fertility is basically depends on the sexual behavior, nutrition, personal care, lifestyle etc.
Women fertility commence in her early 20s and considerably drop down after 35. The reason behind the drop in fertility is menopause which typically occurs during 45-50, when the hormonal production and change reduces the ovaries eventually leads to permanent cessation of ovarian functions following the end of fertile phase. Mostly women are able to conceive naturally, if they get pregnant before 35 years of age.But after the age of 35 the fertility problem increases like, miscarriage, infertility, egg production, infertility. Sometimes they face problems with their babies. However, in late 40s out of five only one or two couples are able to conceive.

Causes of Fertility Problems

There are several factors responsible for fertility problems in female such as:

  1. Ovulation Problem- This problem occurs mostly when any condition prevents mature egg into ovaries, may be due to hormonal change or its production.
  2. Poor Egg Quality- The number and the quality of egg which a healthy female normally produce, declines significantly with age.
  3. Blockage of Fallopian tube- This often caused due to pelvic inflammatory problem, an infection to reproductive part of female, prevents your partners sperm from reaching the egg.
  4. Endometriosis- This problem occurs when the tissues lining inside the uterus grows outside of it.

How to Boost Your Fertility ???

1. A Healthy Diet

Being healthy is always important for an individual to survive. A proper healthy diet consists of green leafy vegetables, protein source, calcium, vitamins and minerals. When a couple tries to conceive the requires a prenatal vitamins or fertility supplements to meet the needs of the phenomena. One should avoid packaged food or fast foods as they carries high amount of trans fat which in results prevent production of hormones.

2. Weight Control

Being overweight can bring the pause or delay the time it takes a female to conceive naturally. Keeping a healthy and fit body helps a women in conception. Thus keep your weight control healthy offspring.

3. Avoid Stress

Stress can be considered as a negative effect on fertility. A stress free life-style enhance the conception capability of women. Things like anxiety, disturbances, are the by-product of stress and depression which may cause unbalance to hormonal production and further affects the fertility.

4. Cut Down On Alcohol & Smoke

Doctors always suggest to avoid drinking alcohol and smoking, cutting down on caffeine is also helpful in enhancing fertility as caffeine is mostly responsible to miscarriage. Quitting alcohol and smoke promote healthy and fit offspring to the parents.

5. Follow the Calender

Understanding your cycle is one of the most important factor in planning the conception. The women cycle is split into two phases, the first phase is the follicular phase, starts on the first day of your period and ends when you ovulate. The second is the luteal phase, which begins when you ovulate and ends on the first day of your next period.

6. Regular Exercise

It has been reported that the more you involve yourself into workouts the higher will be the fertility rate in women.Doing exercises and yoga is always beneficial to every individuals and keep you healthy and disease free.

Womans cycle always vary and not regular as the clock, so to confirm that you on which day of your cycle you are ovulating, keep on observing the fertility sign and record them for further concerns.