Various Types Of Piercing That You Should Know

Various Types Of Piercing That You Should Know


Body piercing is a kind of “self gratification” which gives unasked attention from all quarters and at times cynical too. It makes you stand out at times for good and at times for bad reason. Mostly witnessed among youngsters this is one body modification involves the cutting in a specific body part to insert a stud to give it a distinct appeal. This practice of piercing didn’t start as a fashion statement it has larger than life reasons behind it with many tribal and our ancestors having as many as hundreds on the whole body. It was an intrinsic part of them, as a part of their identity. One can even find vagabonds and tribal’s sporting many on their bodies even in this day. They consider it as a part of their living. Rolf Buccholz, the world’s most pierced man holds a Guinness book of records with as many as 453 piercing.

Health benefits of body piercing can be determined as follows:

  • Getting a piercing done on your eyebrow increases your ‘self confidence’. It increases our level of general awareness to a great extent and this is the reason why in early times people used to profess the vitality of piercing.
  • Vibes of attraction and positive energy pass through one person to another through the mode of piercing on various parts of body especially facial piercing.
  • The negative energy is accumulated around the pierced body part and it furthers allows the flow of positive vigour throughout the body making the person look active throughout.
  • Spiritual benefits like getting the piercing done at an appropriate place like either sides of the nose or ear not only renders spiritual aid to the body and mind but also provides a “peaceful” halo near around the individual.
  • There’s an ancient hearsay regarding piercing which states that body piercing on face not only does ward off  negative elements like spirits,demons, ghost etc.

There are various body piercing that are done by men and women alike, some of them are as follows:

  • Ear piercing: Ear piercing is the most sought after piercing all around the world. Tragus, helix and daith are the few organ part that has well takers. Ear piercing as such gives people a sense of confidence as well as  gives them a cool look. As men and women alike this ear piercing is popular and is not painful as compared to other parts of organs. Ear piercing is famous out of all the piercings as it is less painful and it evens adorns one’s look by and large. Cool and chunky studs can be adorned on any part of your ear to give it a stylish and appealing look.
  • Tongue piercing is a piercing that is done not only to cater to the desire but also helps one hide it effortlessly. As it is tongue nobody looks into your tongue. Tongue piercing is painful too. Always ask your artist to pierce it in the centre with a ‘barbell’ shaped stud or jewellery than the usual tiny miny one that can’t even be seen.
  • Nape piercing is an upcoming piercing that has caught the imagination of people. Piercing at large is undergone by people who are impulsive and have the desire to get it more than anything else than looking into the pro’s and con’s well beforehand. Nape piercing in general is the area of the neck at back before the shoulders.
  • Naval piercing is found the most in women. They seek to get their naval’s pierced as it not only garners them attention to their belly but also distinctly glorifies their nape and makes it look sensuous and stunner look.
  • Nipple piercing is another one piercing that has takers. But, it has been recommended by specialist for woman not to get it done as they have pregnancy and other imperative roles to be part of. If piercing done on these parts it will also lead to complications in future when conceiving.
  • Genital piercing is a private and less experimented and not everyone goes into such piercing. It has to do with piercing on female vagina or on some part of it and male penis likewise. It remains limited to your own viewing and is not much desirable by many.
  • Lip piercing: Another prominent piercing is  lip piercing. In this one gets a stud or any other jewellery pierced on lip as per desire . Most of them go for lip piercing in the middle and in the corner most edges.