5 Must Haves For Girls This Summer

5 Must Haves For Girls This Summer


Summers are here to stay and in this summer one has to be extra careful to fight the hard sun with all the must haves to get out with. Every girl wonders what to where and how to wear given the weather conditions. You come across the problem of “so many dress but no one dress to wear”. Most of the women fall under the following categories of shape like apple, pear, hourglass and long. Dresses can be worn considering the shape primarily and the trend on a second thought. You don’t want look like a piece of crap when you get out. So, wear all that hides your negatives and strikes your assets prominently.

Must haves for her this summer:

  • Hard sun will tan you and kill the glow of your face for which one must have a good SPF cream as it will allow you to fight the hard sun without much nerves. There are a number of SPF products available in the market and some of the most sought after are as follows:

Lakme, clinique, VLCC, lotus can be bought without any inhibitions.

SPF creams enable you to be out for long hours sans any much difficulty with retaining the facial glow and complexion. It will also prevent the surfacing of sun burns and such due to the heat. If suffering from grave skin diseases already cover yourself properly before getting out.

  • Good pair of shades : By late morning it gets so difficult to be out in the open with sun shining bright at you. A classic pair of shades will not only guard your eyes from hard sun but also give you a status of “stunner” with sporting the latest trends like mirrored glasses. They give a fabulous appeal to the whole look even when your no make up and elevates the your look at large with those “standing out” glasses.
  • Flip flops : Flip flops are a must have for every girl. Those not only give you comfy and relaxing feel to the feet but also gives a trendy and cool look. You can save yourselves from shoes bites. There is an abundance of “flip flops” and they even come cheap. You can change your slippers given the attire and colour your wearing everyday due to it’s easy pricing. Flee markets offer a huge variety for such.
  • Cotton made are the best to roam around in summers: Cotton wear is the best to don in summers. Not only do they give a soothing effect in the grilling heat but also helps in skin diseases like eczema, hives etc. born out of the weather away. Cotton made clothes are easy to worn even in the most hottest days of all.
  • A nice handy umbrella : Always have an umbrella to be prepared in order to bear the sudden downpour of rain. Umbrellas come in different shape and sizes to counter the heavy rain. The problem with summers is that at one time you could experience a bright sunny day at the same time you could also be a spectator to heavy rain.