What is Super Condom : How it Protects from HIV

What is Super Condom : How it Protects from HIV

What is Super Condom

Latest trending phenomenon taking the internet by storm is “Super Condom“. A super condom containing anti-HIV characteristics while providing sexual pleasure at the same time, will be in the market soon.

What is Super Condom?

A “Super Condom” is said to increase sexual desire and soon will be on sale to the public. Condoms are largely used for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections and diseases. There are different forms of condoms made of different materials, but are most often made from latex. Nonetheless, they are not giving the desired results.

In a recent study carried out by Indian-American scientists have developed a new non-latex condom aforementioned “super condom” which, according to the study held comprises of anti oxidants and can kills the life-threatening virus even after when it breaks.

This new contraceptive is basically an embedded anti oxidant which could easily combat HIV and unlike most condoms, which are made of latex, consists of a sturdy, elastic polymer called hydrogel which is made basically from water and is already used in other medical products such as contact lenses.

Therefore, what makes the super condom so super? This condom gets around two concerns that contribute to HIV transmission: Condom breakage and the fact that many people dislike using condoms. This new condom is made of an elastic, water based gel called hydrogel. It’s already in use in a variety of medical contexts, including wound dressings and contact lenses.

Embedded in the hydrogel is a plant based anti oxidants that blocks the HIV virus. That means that even if the condom breaks, the anti oxidant will still prevent HIV transmission.
Researchers claim that the antioxidant in the hydrogel condom also has added the benefit of increasing sexual pleasure, an imperative feature for people who avoid using condoms because they believe that condoms dull sensation.

We often hear people assert that they don’t want to use condoms because it solely does not have the same sexual pleasure. The anti oxidant will enhance neurotransmitters which will work with nerve endings, providing greater sexual pleasure. If the HIV virus gets into the product, the condom will block it, prevent it replicating, and prevent entry. The hydrogel condom is still in the prototype phase, it could be on the market as early as next year.

Scientists claim that “super” specifies that the condom will give you a skeleton or ability to fly, but it does have its own impressive superpower: the condom fights HIV, even if it breaks. And if that were not enough the condom is also designed to encourage sexual pleasure more effectively than condoms currently on the market. If they succeed in their attempt, it will revolutionize the HIV preventive initiative. Researchers hope the condom will have a stronger effect at preventing the spread of HIV, unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. As the new design is more slouchy, it also increases your sexual satisfaction.