Nail Care Tips and Tricks For All Season

Nail Care Tips and Tricks For All Season

Nail Care Tips and Tricks

a“Nails are the period at the end of the sentence. They complete the look”.

Just imagine someone with a beautiful, radiant face but dry, filthy hands and unfilled, cracked nails. All the impression is kept on the back seat. Nails also reflect your overall health, so ridges, dents, or areas of unusual color or shape indicate an underlying health condition that might need attention and proper care. So, lets get started and give yourself a finishing touch to look confident all year round with well-groomed, elegant nails.

Nail Care Tips Secret

There is no need of frequent manicure or harsh cleaning. In fact, says dermatologist D’Anne M. Kleinsmith, MD, of the William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Mich., being overly aggressive with cleaning and maintaining nails might actually put your normally strong nails at risk for yeast or bacterial infections.

Just keep it simple and follow these easy, inexpensive guidelines to get those pink, lavish nails.

1. Clean Nails: You must clean up your hand as well as your nails on a regular basis, well not just with a soap, but thoroughly by soaking your hands in lukewarm mild soap solution. Clean deep settled dirt in your nails with a brush.

2. Keep Them Trimmed: “The fashion trend is to have neat, more natural-looking, shorter nails and not the long talons of the past,” notes Klein-smith. Use sharp clippers to trim your nail, round the nails slightly at the tip. Cut them short to avoid snagging or breaking.

3. Use Nail File: Rub your file or emery board along the end of your nail to remove the rough edges and fine-tune your nail shape. Keep your file at 45 degree angle and file very gently upwards, remember not to file back and forth as this may worsen damaged nails. Beveling your nails make them less irritating as they don’t hook in clothes and things.

4. Buffing: Be careful while buffing, as too much of it can make your nail thin and weak. Buff only when there is a need to remove stains, or any prominent ridges.

5. Cuticle Care: Tidy cuticles go a long way towards making your nails look immaculate. But don’t cut them back too far or push them around too aggressively, by doing this you damage them and since they are body’s natural protection against fungus and bacteria, you may expose your nail bed to infections.

6. Minimize Manicures: Pampering your hands and feet with a relaxing session of manicure and pedicure is definitely luring, but the regular use of harsh chemicals can leave your nails overly brittle and dry. In addition to that, you also run the risk of infections from the communal tools being used by the professionals. So it is always better to have your own set of tools to your next mani-pedi to lower your odds of getting a painful or unsightly infection. Keep manicures simple to preserve healthy nails.

7. Choose Acetone Free Based Polish Removers: Acetone removers are very effective at stripping nail polish off fastly and easily but in the process they may also damage the nails below, leaving them dry and brittle.

8. Moisturize Regularly: Keep your hands moisturized by applying a little cream and rubbing it gently in circular motion. You can also use lemon for cleaning and olive oil for massaging your nails. Nails could also be dipped in a table spoon of milk to make them soft and lustrous.

9. Keep Nails Dry & Clean: Keeping your hands dipped in soapy water frequently may weaken even strong nails, as washing dishes makes your nails dry and brittle. Protective nail care calls for wearing gloves to protect your hands while you scrub. This will keep your hand dry and it will protect your nail from bacterial, fungal and other infections. It also protects your nails from scratching against rough surfaces.

10. Eat Healthy: As long as you eat a healthy, varied diet, you don’t need any dietary supplements to guarantee strong nails. Nails are made of proteins and if you really love long and strong nails start loving high calcium and protein rich diet such as beat root, egg, milk etc. Says “Dr. Kleinsmith”, people with weak nails may benefit from supplemental biotin, i.e Vitamin B. “Biotin has been shown to be helpful for strengthening and growing our nails,” she adds.