Wheel Chair – A Perfect Companion For Disable People :

Wheel Chair – A Perfect Companion For Disable People :


Wheel Chair is a chair attached with wheels. It is equipped to be a replacement for walking. It is scientifically designed and technically equipped with various types of features as well as it is made by the seated occupant turning the rear wheels by motors or by hand. People who have an illness and disability, they use this type of chair. Many aged people who lead a tremendous lively life but they use wheelchair for the reason of disability. Many people think it is very difficult to depend on other people to walk. But, wheel chair gives a easy moving power to the disable people to roam around anywhere by the help of this chair.

Who Need Most?

This chair will help those people who are suffering from a waking disability in movement to walk or move without anyone’s supports. This device was first discovered in China though earlier a wheelbarrow which help to move heavy objects or disabled people from one place to the other place. Two mechanical engineers named as Herbert Everest and Henry Jennings invented the first lightweight steel foldable wheelchair in this the world.

What is it?

It is a chair, attached with wheels which is specially constructed for those people who are not able to walk and move anywhere with the help of legs. It acts as a substitute of walking. This chair available in various designs. You can move anywhere by sitting on it and simply using through your hand movement. Physically unfit people can achieve ultimate relief. They don’t have to depend on anyone. It has packed with two handles behind the seat for pushing by other. These are suitable for people who have disability and injury. Below mentioned some advantages of wheelchair:

  • Move independently
  • Problem free usage
  • Easy to keep anywhere
  • Enjoy active movement
  • High technology involved
  • It has footrest, armrest and backrest

Types of Wheel Chair

(a) Electric wheelchair

These types of chairs has lots of popularity. It is moved by navigated controls and electric motor. As it delivers disabled patients the complete freedom to move anywhere, one can go backward and forward, right and left in fact in any direction as you want. A simple joystick is attached on the armrest that helps to turn the chair around while moving. The patient can easily go anywhere with the support of the joystick. An electric wheelchair includes various features such as chin-operated joysticks, head switches as well as other specialist controls, which use at that time while the patient cannot utilize the manually joystick.

(b) Manual wheelchair

It also attached with seat, two small wheels attached in the front and two caster type wheels at the two sides of the seat to balance. It has hand rests that are utilized to rest the hands when one manually rolls the wheels and it also includes leg rests that is fixed to the lower end of the seat where the legs rest is available. These chairs require manual power to run them and it is foldable for storage. You need to look up some essential things about wheelchair:

  • Buy those wheel chair which come from the house of reputed brand.
  • High price of wheelchair gives you extra features and functionality for your need.
  • High technology or advanced technology involved chair you need to choose. It offers more ease, comfort and reliability.
  • It is recommended to choose that types of wheel chair which offers various types of features. It offers problem free and easy operating system for you.
  • Use compact size ans easy to foldable wheel chair that can go anywhere and you can keep it anywhere and use it as per your need.

Conclusion: Break all the barriers of disability that barred you all the time and restrict you to move freely. Here is the perfect solution that ensure freedom of movement and gives the joy of moving.


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