Happiness Is Health To The Elderly!

Happiness Is Health To The Elderly!


When people grow old, they become responsibility of the young generation. It is very important for the young to take care of their needs and happiness. At this age, the elderly only require a sense of belongingness and little extra care. A happy elderly will have an active and fit life. There are so many benefits of happiness to their health. Young generation should respect the space of an elderly at home and make some extra efforts to keep them happy.

Encourage elderly to get a life full of life

The happy elderly person will remain self sufficient and less dependent on others for daily events. They should be encouraged to maintain an active life. They should go out for walks and form a group of their age where they can chat and discuss their views. Happiness will help them fight so many diseases that are common with this age group.

Red wine can work well

Red wine is wonderful for healthy heart. The antioxidants it contains are helpful in raising the HDL level. It prevents arteries from blockage and damage. Red wine also contains saponins and flavonoides in it which are again, very good for heart. It protects against cardiovascular problems. Red wine is also helpful in weight management, which is directly related to healthy heart. It stimulates the better appetite. It discourages the composition of saturated fat in heart and body. It also stops the formation of clots in arteries and thereby gives security to the safety of heart.

Happy they, happy heart

A happy person will always have low cholesterol and lower blood pressure, which will help them to fight heart diseases. By getting into active lifestyle they can also reduce the risk of other chronic diseases. Now a day’s laughter clubs are also there for the people of this age group to come out of the loneliness. Elderly must join these types of clubs and keep themselves busy.

Own a pet

Depression and stress is quite common among old age. To overcome this, they can own a pet with which they can share their loneliness. They can find a new companion in them and get rid of depression. Elderly people should engage themselves in the activities which are interesting for them. These activities may include gardening or social service for needy people. This will engage them and keep them busy. To remain happy they should also follow some light exercise or yoga regime. This will make them feel active and fit. The busy and active lifestyle will make them happy, self sufficient and raise their self confidence they will start feeling themselves worthwhile within the younger group.

Keep own self happy

To spend the old age with grace and enjoyment it is very important for elderly people to be happy within themselves. They should make the conscious efforts to make themselves happy. Happy elderly will have lots of health benefits and live a life free of stress and tension. Family members should also contribute towards making them happy and keeping them in greener of health. Happiness is a key to better health and life.

Staying happy is an art, and everyone should learn it. Elder people should know what can make them happy in real terms. Once they know that and share it with the family then the rest members can take initiative towards making the desire fulfill of the elderly people.

Happiness comes from within and if we want to make our elders happy we need to understand them closely. Small and simple things can bring smile on their face.