The Must Kiss Moments – When A Guy Must Kiss His Girl

The Must Kiss Moments – When A Guy Must Kiss His Girl

when should a guy kiss a girl

Kiss- The Expression of love and affection. Kissing other person is the common expression to show your love and affection to some one. Kisses are defined by number of types:

  • Kiss of love
  • Kiss of affection
  • Kiss of friendship
  • Kiss of peace
  • Kiss or friendship

However these types are overlapped and contrived as some cultures have more kinds of kiss, for example French has 20 types of kisses and Germans have 30 but all kisses are defined as a way to express your affection and feelings towards someone you love and care.

When it comes to girlfriend-boyfriend relationships or husband-wife relationships kissing on your partners lips is the most common and most romantic way to express your love towards them. A kiss to your partner conveys thousands of feelings which your words can’t express such as you love them deeply, you care for them, you will always stand by their side. A kiss at different moments to your partners convey a different message of your love and affection to them.

When Should a Guy Kiss a Girl?

There is no special occasion to kiss your partner but a kiss to your partner can make their special moments more special and can also turn their sad moments to special ones. Here are some moments when a girl wants their partner to express love and affection to them through a kiss and wants you to make her moment more special or cheer her up when needed:

The Wedding Kiss

The wedding day is the most important day for the couple both of you will start a new life together. You will be together for the rest of your lifetime. Both of you will be nervous, excited and hundreds of thoughts might be running in your mind. For a girl the situation is even more nervous she will have to adapt her according to and your family it will an entire new beginning of her life. At this time a kiss by you can assure her that you will love her, care for her, you will always stand by her side. This kiss definitely gives her an assurance of good times ahead.

The Happy Moments Kiss

Whatever the occasion is be it your birthday, her birthday, anniversary, her promotion your promotion or any other lifetime occasion celebrate it with your girl, show her that you are with her to celebrate and cherish her happiness. A kiss at those moments doubles her happiness and joy.

The Anguish Moments Kiss

If you love her and stand by her side in good days and happy moments then you must have the courage to shower more love on her at sad and unhappy moments. Your love at these anguish moments gives her strength to fight with any sad or unhappy situations, A kiss at that time gives her condolence, strength and a belief that she is not alone someone is with her and will never let her feel all the pain.

The Hello & Bye Bye Kiss

When ever you meet your girlfriend kiss her to greet her and whenever you say bye to her give her a good bye kiss, If you are married than give her a good morning kiss before going to office and kiss her when you are back to home from after entire days hard-work. These kisses matters a lot in smooth and effective run of your relationship. These hi-bye kisses makes her feel special and lightens up her day.

The Unexpected Kiss

A girl loves surprises. Whenever you are together for example if you are watching a movie suddenly kiss her, while driving, in between any romantic conversations just to surprise her. These little surprises turns her on, makes her feel more loved and assures that you both are in never ending romantic relationship.

These were some moments when you must kiss your girl to express your love. A girl badly needs kiss at these moments of her life. There is no as such perfect moment to kiss her and show that you love her but there are certain moments when she expects a kiss of love and gratitude. Keep it in mind that your love and your affection assures a better future for your relationship.

For a healthy romantic relationship KEEP KISSING.