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Seasonal Festivities

Seasonal Festivities

Celebrate This Women’s Day With Self Defence Product

Women have always been the victims and targets of the opposite gender. Their safety is an issue, their birth is an issue, their education...

5 Inappropriate Gestures To Avoid This Holi 2015

Holi is a playful festival. And just the fun element present in this festival, does not make it any less virtuous. Holi is a...

A Brief History of Raksha Bandhan : Famous Myths

Raksha Bandhan is a holy festival celebrated by brothers and sisters. The word RakshaBandhan is made up of two words ÔÇÿRaksha meaning Protection +...
durga puja festival

Durga Puja – A Look at How It is Celebrated

Durga pooja brings the city in it’s full grandeur. The city is decorated exuberantly alike a bride and everyone eagerly awaits the homecoming of...
dsicrimination against hiv carriers

World AIDS Day – Discrimination against HIV carriers

1st December is celebrated as World AIDS Day all around the globe and there is no time better than this day to recommit ourselves...
World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day – Raising awareness on cancer

World Cancer Day Occurring under the slogan 'Not past us', World Cancer Day 2015 took a positive and proactive way to deal with the...

Women’s day: women’s day offer

Women's day falls on 8th march of every year. And the significance of this day lies in its name itself, 'women's day'. It's a...

The History of Christmas : A Jolting Epiphany

The word "Christmas" itself is filled with such joy and festive spirit. As much as it is a fun-filled, joyous and gift-giving affair but,...

International Men’s Day- A day to Celebrate Manhood

November 19th is seemingly International Men’s day (IMD). On the surface it might appear like an unprecedented notion that has come into existence. Better...

Kisses May Work Out Wonders, or Sometimes Blunders?

Bring out your hand and count on your fingers how many kisses you have ever had. Can't count? Is it uncountable? Well, in that...



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