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Seasonal Festivities

Seasonal Festivities
World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day – Raising awareness on cancer

World Cancer Day Occurring under the slogan 'Not past us', World Cancer Day 2015 took a positive and proactive way to deal with the...
every human has rights

HUMAN RIGHTS DAY- Every Human Has Rights

WHAT DO WE UNDERSTAND BY 'HUMAN RIGHTS'? Human Rights are the rights that every human is entitled to since its birth. They are equal for...
Celebrating Nutrition Month 2016

Nutrition Month March 2016

History: ‘Nutrition Month’ is celebrated every March, by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Nutrition Month is a nutrition enlightenment and guidance campaign with the...
Celebrating International Women's Day

Celebrating International Women’s Day

The Very Start International Women's Day, an occasion praised around the world, respects working women and their struggle throughout. Taught that women’s place in history...

Kindle your Love On This Valentine’s Day

The feast of Saint valentine commonly known as The Valentine's Day is celebrated on 14th February every year. Valentine day is celebrated in most...

Propose Day – Listen A Voice of Heart

Valentine! Again! What a cheer it brings in to all the young and not so young hearts as well(blink). Valentine is back again as...
International Disability Day

3rd December: An International Day of Persons With Disabilities

The proclamation of observance of International Day Of Persons with Disabilities on 3rd December, annually, was done in 1992, by the UN General Assembly....

Day of the Deads : Halloween Day

Halloween is celebrated on 31 October every year. It is the modern name of an ancient Celtic holiday, ÔÇÿSamhain. People celebrate this day as...
dsicrimination against hiv carriers

World AIDS Day – Discrimination against HIV carriers

1st December is celebrated as World AIDS Day all around the globe and there is no time better than this day to recommit ourselves...

Celebrate 7th February Rose Day – A Symbol of love

Rose day is known as a very exciting day. This specific day can give you a chance to cherish your love in a new...



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