A Brief History of Raksha Bandhan : Famous Myths

A Brief History of Raksha Bandhan : Famous Myths


Raksha Bandhan is a holy festival celebrated by brothers and sisters. The word RakshaBandhan is made up of two words ÔÇÿRaksha meaning Protection + ÔÇÿBandhan meaning Bond, i.e., a bond of protection; which indicates the lovely bond between a sister and brother. It has always been considered as the most solemn and noble as well as the purest relationship in the world. This festival always lies around the full moon of Shrawan (August). It is also known as Rakhi Purnima or Rakhi in the some parts of India. In Northern India, it is called Kajri Purnima or Kajri Navami.

3 Mythlogies Of Raksha Bandhan

There are too many myths surrounding the origination of this festival but there are no evidences as to which one is correct, while most people believe in all these three myths.

Goddess Laxmi and King Bali

As part of a promise, It is believed that Lord Vishnu did a job as a doorkeeper in the court of King Bali for his protection who was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. When wife of Lord Vishnu, as Laxmi knew about this, she also came disguising herself as a simple woman to help her husband. On the full moon day of the month of Shravana, Laxmi tied a thread of colored cotton on Bali’s wrist and asked for protection and happiness. Bali asked Laxmi to wish anything as a gift then she demanded to release that doorkeeper, meanwhile Lord Vishnu came up in his real avatar.

Lord Krishna and Draupadi

One of the fabulous mythology of Raksha Bandhan is about Lord Krishna and the sole wife of the five Pandavas – Draupadi.

According to the Mahabharat, one day Krishna was cutting sugarcane and he cut his finger mistakenly, meanwhile his wife Rukmani sent Satyabhama, who was the third wife of Lord Krishna, to help him but it took her a while to find a shred of cloth for bandage, while Draupadi took charge of the situation and simply cut a side of her saree and bandaged his finger. In return for this endeavor, Lord Krishna promised Draupadi to protect her if she ever find herself in distress.

It has written in the Mahabharat that Krishna helped Draupadi from Cheer Haran when Dushasan was trying to disrobe Draupadi in the presence of his full court.

The Birth of Santoshi Maa

This is one of the famous story and most people have faith in it. Many Hindus believe that this story is directly linked to the history of Raksha Bandhan.
One day Devi Manasa who was sister of Lord Ganesha arrived to knot the Rakhee on the occasion of the Raksha Bandhan, then his naughty and cute sons Shubh & Labh insisted to Lord Ganesha that they also want a sister to celebrate raksha bandhan with. It was then, Lord Ganesha created Santoshi Maa which emerged to his consorts, Riddhi and Siddhi.