What Dresses Do Women Wear in Monsoon

What Dresses Do Women Wear in Monsoon


Monsoon is the season with humidity as well as hotness. As the monsoon comes, the humidity rises up. So, in this season the clothing should be capable to lower the level of humidity, which should be absorbent and still quick dry-able. Summer friendly fabrics are not needed in this season and they should be kept aside.This season is all about versatile and modern dresses. People should wear dresses which are light but strong. Some of the preferred fabrics for the monsoon are cottons, silk, nylon, chiffon, denim, mul, gabardine, etc., because these fabrics can resist the blotch and splash of mud and slush and they dry quickly. These fabrics are also suggested as they remain fresh and straight during humid conditions.

Monsoon Dresses for Women

Mon Some of the right and preferred garments for women in monsoon season are as follows:

Three-fourths: Trousers and denims are full length garments and thats why they cant protect from mud and muck. Instead of full lengths, three-fourths are very practical as they keep away from splashing of muddy water.

Kaftans: Kaftans are the dresses which have buttons on the front or its like a overdress reaching upto the ankles having long sleeves. These are very light dresses with much comfort which is easy to carry in monsoon. It prevents from humidity and gives comfort.

Frocks & Middies: Frocks and middies are also advisable during monsoon. These are of short length and manageable. If one have to in monsoon without any vehicle, these dresses are more easier than any other else.

Jackets: Different types of jackets and shrugs can also be opted to get the wacky and outlandish look. We can also pair jackets and shrugs of different colours with our outfits for a great look. Colours like lemon yellow, sweet orange and hot blue are often prefered in monsoon season.

Short Skirts: In monsoon, there are always the chances to get drenched into thick downpour, in this case shorter skirts are preferred instead of long flowy skirts. Skirts with pencil cuts give a nice look in monsoon.

Cotton Kurtis: Long salwar kameez with dupatta are not very comfortable and they are not easily carried during monsoon. Go for simple cotton Kurtis that can be paired with denims and leggins.

Hand loom Sarees: In the case of desi outings during monsoon, get the pretentious and artsy look with traditional dressing like sari of khadi.