6 Ways to Purify Lungs in Heavy Smokers

6 Ways to Purify Lungs in Heavy Smokers

6 ways to purify lungs

Smoking is enormously a bad habit and harmful to human body and the surroundings to a large extent. Lungs are the crucial organ, responsible for the proper exchange of gases like oxygen and carbon dioxide. However, various particulates of cigarettes and smoke causes decrease in overall functioning of lungs. But at some extent lungs uses its cilia to catch bacteria and dust particles to throw them out of the lungs through mucus.

The lungs of smokers are so badly affected that need to be detoxified for healthy well being. If you are a regular smoker, chances of weakening in the lining, reduced breathing and less oxygen content are obvious. But if you are a non-smoker, industrial smoke, dust particles,radioactive and passive smoking causes damage to lungs. In both cases detoxifying lungs is necessary for a healthy living.

6 Different Steps to Purification of Lungs are:

  • Step 1- Avoid unnecessary exposure to smoke, carbon monoxide and Keep yourself away from second hand smoking. Also, before the purification starts, throw all the dairy products as they act as a toxic in presence of chemicals.
  • Step 2- Drink lots of water in order to stay dehydrated and relaxed. Adequate amount of water in the body helps to flush out toxins and undesirable elements out of the system through urine.
  • Step 3- Introduce foods like onion,ginger, lemon and garlic to your diet. Garlic helps to flush out poisons from the lungs through your tiny skin pores, and has the additional effect of clearing sinus cavities, so that extra mucus comes out of the lungs, which is a medium of carrying multiple toxins and undesirable elements.
  • Step 4- A change in your lifestyle can bring a better change to your lungs. This might be possible with developing the habit of physical activity like exercises (indoor or outdoor), breathing exercises and yoga in your daily routine which helps to strengthen lung tissues. Also, you can introduce a healthy and balanced diet such as minimizing meat,dairy and junk foods.
  • Step 5- There are several herbal remedies for lungs and related complications. You need to determine which type of herbal component is appropriate for your lungs according to their condition. Antitussive herbs reduce respiratory spasms, expectorant herbs loosen mucus, demulcent herbs sooth irritated tissue, and antimicrobial herbs resolve infections.
  • Step 6- Improve your indoor air to breathe fresh and stay healthy. Detoxing is necessary for the regeneration of lung tissues. Elimination or reducing toxic load or replacing with fresh air helps to relieve your immune system. By removing potential irritants from your reach gives your lungs an opportunity to naturally purify.