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foods protect you from breast cancer

4 Amazing Foods Protect You From Breast Cancer

It is unfortunate that 1 in every 4 woman has breast cancer nowadays. Many research and studies have gone into this epidemic in order...
benefits of fish oil during pregnancy

How Fish Oil Safeguard Infants During Pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant she thinks twice before eating anything. After all the baby is fed on what she takes during pregnancy. And...

6 Tips To Reduce Weight After Pregnancy

Tips To Reduce Weight After PregnancyIt’s a dream of every woman to lose all the extra pregnancy pounds after the baby delivery but it’s...

8 Safety Tips Need To Be Maintained During Pregnancy

Tips & Advices for a Healthy Pregnancy You can feel wonderful if you take good care of yourself during pregnancy. Pregnancy can be one of...

5 Tips to Take Care Of Your Adopted One

Children are wonderful and always a gift to those who are lucky enough to have them. Children can give your life a new perspective...

How Importance of Milk is Ebbing from Our Modern Lifestyle?

It is a commonly known fact that when an infant is born, it is the breast milk that the baby is fed with. Breastfeeding...

Ador Baby Strollers ~ We Multiply Happiness

For every new parent, a stroller is a necessity in ensuring a joyful and comfortable induction to parenthood, one that makes all outdoor experiences...

5 Ways To Deal With Your Troubled Teen

Teenage is nothing but a swirl of changes occurred all of a sudden to a child. It’s normal for teenagers to want to feel independent...

5 Tips While You Go On A Baby’s Day Out

It has been some time since the birth of your new born. And you are now looking forward to introduce him to this new...

6 Foods Should Avoid During Breastfeeding

It is imperative that you have regular meals when lactating, because you want your daily dose of nutrients, so wants your baby. Every baby...



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