Meditation a Spiritual Way for Healthy Being

Meditation a Spiritual Way for Healthy Being

health benefits of meditation

Meditation brings wisdom;lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what you leave forward and what hold back and choose the path that leads to wisdom- BUDDHA

Meditation is usually a phenomenon associated with hippies and foreigners who travel to far flung, historically significant nations that are well entrenched in Buddhism,Hinduism (as history holds the practice of meditation was mostly carried out by the followers of these religions) to follow the path of meditation and find ultimate solace from the hustle bustle of the city. Mark Giubarelli, a noted Hollywood yoga and meditation guru asserts that it is essential for every individual to understand the process of meditation and the benefits that can be reaped over the course of time if practised regularly. This is an activity which if practised regularly with utmost concentration and sincerity can provide you with a stress free life along with ways of tackling it. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a celebrated meditation guru advocates the understanding of the purpose of this whole activity at first more than anything else.

It is primarily imperative for an individual to have a clear knowledge of

  • what it is?
  • how it is done and
  • what are its aftermaths?

Very other individual has different needs out of this pure and serene spiritual process. It not only provides most people appreciate its goodness on cleansing the thought process and perception to altogether a different pitch. Understanding your alter ego or inner self is chiefly significant in meditation. Meditation in a layman terms is to have a connect with your inner soul in order to understand oneself more than anything else. Meditation is an activity which involves relaxing mind and body from the cacophony of everyday life.


  • To foster innovation and creative facets
  • To visualize and goal achievement
  • To connect with inner self
  • To eradicate negative and unwanted energy
  • To become compassionate towards fellow beings
  • To be more mindful
  • Think intellectual
  • To be more energetic and full of vigour
  • To improve health conditions
  • To be content with oneself

Must know about meditation:

Always go for an easy, basic meditation program to get started with merits of meditation. Majority of the people like to begin with a mundane sitting pattern of meditation at a calm and quiet place by focussing on breathing. As one goes up the ladder one can try different types of meditation as per ones convenience and need such as walking meditation, guided meditation emphasizing particular issue or problem.

  • Avoid applying difficult to do postures or clothing. All one must remeber while doing the practice is that you should be at peace with yourself with loose clothes and mind that would not restrict your thinking and mental ability.
  • Meditation is feasible anywhere and everywhere dressed or undressed as one may be the real point is relaxation of mind,body and soul.
  • Stay away from flumping on a couch or so or lying down where in there is a great chance of hitting the sack. These are not postures conducive for meditation as the mind is not alert for meditation.
  • Grab a chair or be cross legged like that of lotus in order to attain a full attainment of peace and nirvana.


Thus, meditation is a relaxation and healing process that heals not only the mind but also the soul from the cacophony of everyday life. Aforementioned are the details about the meditation process that can be well performed with much attention and focus.