Ill-Effects of Tobacco Continue to Pervade the World Population

Ill-Effects of Tobacco Continue to Pervade the World Population


Starts with a style symbol in the stage of adolescence and goes on to be a habit in the later years of life. Smoking, gradually, becomes a need for the millions of people, who knowingly or unknowingly embrace their death.  

Those were the days of our infancy, when, on our Television screen, we used to watch the famous song picturized on Bollywood film star, Dev Anand; and sung by an incredible singer, Rafi; “Mai Zindgi ka Saath Nibahata Chala Gaya; Har Fikr ko Dhuyein Mein Udata Chala Gaya.” 

That was the age when, Smoking for us, was a style symbol of a style icon. And we were more than happy to imitate Dev Anand Sahib. But Smoking, an infatuation of infancy, turns to be that beloved Mistress, which puts your life at jeopardy, in return to your love.  



Fact Sheet on Smoking

According to World Health Organization (WHO),

  • Every year approximately 6 million people die worldwide, due to the diseases caused by the use of Tobacco

  • Out of that, more than 5 million are active Tobacco users and approximately 6 lakh people die every year due to passive smoking

  • To the utmost surprise, 80 per cent of the world’s smoking population lives in the country with low-income

  • Every six-seconds, a person dies due to the use of Tobacco

Moreover, the experts believe that if the condition remains the same, Tobacco use will cause 8 million deaths by the end of the year 2030.


Negative Health Effects of Tobacco

It is a surprising that the early Physicians believed on the conventional belief of the Native Americans, who cultivated Tobacco to use it in the ceremonial and medicinal purposes.

Nevertheless, it was in the year 1930 that some researchers statistically proved the relation between Smoking and Cancer. And thus broke the conventional boundaries of the Native Americans. 

Did you know that deaths caused due to Tobacco is much more than the deaths caused due to the major problems like Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Excess use of Alcohol, Drugs etc., combined all together.

However, there are innumerable ill-effects of using Tobacco, but following are few major health illness which is caused by the use of Tobacco.


Cardiovascular Disease

  • Smoking narrows your blood vessels and thus can result in Hypertension
  • Use of Tobacco can lead to Heart Stroke and also be the cause of Coronary Heart disease
  • Smoking can also result in Blood Clotting, which impediments the flow of Blood into the heart


Respiratory Disease

  • Smoking causes various Lung Diseases
  • Most cases of lung cancer are reported to be the cause of Smoking
  • Lack of proper breath


Gastrointestinal Disease

  • Smokers tend to have a higher chance of ‘Peptic Ulcer’-sores in the first part of the small intestine

  • Peptic Ulcer caused due to Smoking has enough potential to re-occur

Apart from these above mentioned health problems, Smoking also effects your teeth and gums causing ‘Oral-Cancer.’


Furthermore, the use of Tobacco also effects a Pregnant woman.

  • it impediments the proper growth of the fetus

  • the new born baby’s body weight will be less than the normal body weight

  • possibilities of miscarriage are higher

  • complications during the baby’s birth can even lead to the infant’s death

Therefore, it is high time that people who are into active smoking must scotch the use of Tobacco. They must find their own suitable ways to quit smoking. After all, the next generations have all right to inherit good and healthy habits from their ancestors.

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