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Nurturing Wellness!!! Having catered successfully to the healthcare industry forover 55 years, Healthgenie.in is a forward integration of the Grover Group's GST Corporation Limited, which is recognized for its perpetual evolution and growth. Headquartered in New Delhi, Healthgenie.in was found by Manu Grover.

Come More Closer, Bright up Your Love Moment & Personal Life

Every year, February 13th has celebrated as the Kiss Day. It has special meaning and significance in your personal life. It always adds extra...

How to reduce weight in 15 days

Oh God!, it’s 15th December! And my cousin’s wedlock is on 30th! And here I look so  flabby and chubby as if my wedlock...

Managing work pressure, ways to avoid it

 Hi Renu..do you know Boss has given me new reports to make a research within 4 hrs. This is really too much. Too hectic. How can...

Effective Ways for Losing Weight

Your sole target in life is not to accomplish a zero figure. Thus, you truly don't have to starve yourself to reach the level...

10 Daily Foods For Anti Aging

Time is something that takes a toll over all of us. You cannot escape it's effects, no matter how hard you try. Time changes,...

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