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Nurturing Wellness!!! Having catered successfully to the healthcare industry forover 55 years, Healthgenie.in is a forward integration of the Grover Group's GST Corporation Limited, which is recognized for its perpetual evolution and growth. Headquartered in New Delhi, Healthgenie.in was found by Manu Grover.

Benefits of adult diapers- a true blessing

An adult diaper is a recent invention for adults who suffer from urinal and fecal incontinence. Adult diapers are specially created for adult use,...

Condom Challenge – Another Creepy Invention from Teens

Recently some totally “out of the box” and wacko activities have caught layman’s imagination. Previously it was Ice bucket Challenge, that hit the headlines which...

3rd December: An International Day of Persons With Disabilities

The proclamation of observance of International Day Of Persons with Disabilities on 3rd December, annually, was done in 1992, by the UN General Assembly....

World AIDS Day – Discrimination against HIV carriers

1st December is celebrated as World AIDS Day all around the globe and there is no time better than this day to recommit ourselves...

Healthy Food Swaps On Thanksgiving To Save Calories

Get happy and satisfy your family this Thanksgiving by making the best of your much anticipated holiday time. There are some simple, easy to do...

Ador Baby Strollers ~ We Multiply Happiness

For every new parent, a stroller is a necessity in ensuring a joyful and comfortable induction to parenthood, one that makes all outdoor experiences...

World Toilet Day : Improve Sanitation & Better Bowel Movement

Hygiene and sanitation determines your whole personality, they say. Some individuals happen to be out of choices to lead the life they do but...

International Men’s Day- A day to Celebrate Manhood

November 19th is seemingly International Men’s day (IMD). On the surface it might appear like an unprecedented notion that has come into existence. Better...

Significance Of 5 Days Diwali Celebration

Deepawali (festival of lights) is the most celebrated Indian Festival. This sparkling festival transcends boundaries, cultures and religions. Beginning from the long Lakshmi Pooja’s...

Karva Chauth 2015 | A Fasting Affair

Karva Chauth is a day that blesses your nuptial with the life of moon, it is not merely about fasting. It is considered as...

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