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Mosquito Borne Diseases Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

Mosquito Borne Diseases Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

 There is no specific medication and vaccination available for most of the mosquito borne diseases, dealing with them by taking special precautions to avoid...

Types Of Mosquito Borne Diseases

There is a long list of mosquito borne diseases worldwide, some do not occur in India except malaria, dengue, Chikungunya, filariasis and Japanese encephalitis,...

Types of Mosquitoes and How They Affect Us?

TYPES OF MOSQUITOES Mosquitoes are just a tiny, pesky blood sucking insects, their buzzing sound and stingy bites make us think about them. They carry...
11 Facts Need to Know About Mosquito

11 Facts Need to Know About Mosquito

During this summer time, We were in our backyard and enjoying dinner with family. Ouch! We just noticed a painful, swelling mosquito bite on...
Zika virus

Zika Virus: Cause of Microcephaly

A generally new mosquito-borne infection is inciting overall concern due to a disturbing association with a neurological conception issue and the fast spread of...
dengue mosquito

Our Battle With Dengue Fever

Dengue is often referred to as “bone-breaking” illness or “dandy fever” that basically wipes you out. Most of the key symptoms of dengue are...
home remedies to treat malaria

Home Remedies To Treat Malaria

“Prevention is better than cure”, As we all know the deadly parasite “Plasmodium” causing Malaria are transmitted by infected Anopheles mosquitoes; So the first...

What is Ebola Virus Disease (EVD)? How much dangerous it is?

What is Ebola Virus? Ebola Virus is a deadly which is the sole member of Zaire ebola virus species. Formerly known as Zaire Ebola Virus,...