Move Towards Healthy Heart – It’s Right Time to Start

Move Towards Healthy Heart – It’s Right Time to Start


Heart diseases are becoming very common. Six out of ten people are suffering from heart ailments. Maintain a healthy heart is very important for maintenance of overall health. Simple steps can be followed to maintain a good and healthy heart. Heart is a very vital part and it needs the care for entire life.

Lead Smoking Free Life

smoke free life

The first step towards a healthy heart is smoke free life. Smoking is a major reason behind heart diseases. It damages the arteries that are responsible for supplying blood to heart and body. It increases the risk of stroke. Quitting this ridiculous habit can save the person from being a heart patient. Even a person should not be a passive smoker as it is well known fact that passive smokers are at greater risk. So encourage the people in your family to quit smoking for them and for you. Alcohol consumption should also be reduced. The doctors have advised that alcohol should be taken in small quantities.

Effect of Cholesterol and Blood Pressure level On Heart

Cholesterol levels and blood pressure are the most common factors affecting the health of heart. A person should keep the check on these numbers and maintain them at the required healthy level through proper diet and exercise. Body Mass Index should be considered for this purpose. Overweight people are more likely to have these problems.

Regular Exercise to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Exercise To Keep Healthy Heart

By keeping the body in active mode can reduce the major risk of heart diseases. The daily routine for exercise should be followed as it improves the blood circulation and can lower the fat accumulation in the body. Proper nutrition guide is required to keep the heart healthy. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be taken in all meals. The junk and fried food should be avoided as it creates composition of fat in the body. Low fat products must be chosen and included in daily meals. Oily food should be replaced with boiled, grilled, baked or steamed food.

Taking Care of the Psychological Health

Taking care of the psychological health

Maintaining the psychological health is also important for a healthy heart. People who live in depress or isolated states are more prone towards heart diseases. The stress element should be eliminated from life. Regular exercising can help in reducing this. In addition to this a proper sleep is also required. A person must get minimum seven hour sleep for maintain a healthy heart, mind and body.

Once suffered from heart disease a person should always remain under medical supervision and follow as doctor says to avoid the future occurrence.

We need to take care of the heart as If it stops beating we need to say adieu to this world. Taking care of the heart is a must if we need to maintain a healthy life ahead.

We need to be sensitive towards caring of the heart as it plays the most important role in our life by allowing us to live in this world.