5 Stretching Exercise You Must Do Every Morning

5 Stretching Exercise You Must Do Every Morning


5 Stretching Exercise You Must Do Every Morning

Morning stretching exercises help in loosening of muscles after sleeping. Muscles strain can also be prevented by warming up before stretching exercise. It’s a great way to get energizing in the morning. It alleviates stress, increases motion, improves circulation and flexibility, prevents muscle injury, reduce muscle soreness and cramping.

Here are 5 stretching exercises to get your blood flowing and body primed for the day
1. Neck Stretch: It gives relief from the early morning pain that often occurs after sleeping. Sometimes this pain gets too excessive to bear. But if you want to get rid of that, you have to give just 5 min from precious time. In this, sit on the edge of the bed with feet on the floor. Now rotate your neck in circular movement by touching your ears and shoulders. Rotate your neck for 5 min in clockwise direction and for other 5 min in anti-clock wise direction.  

2. Lower Back Stretches: It helps in loosen your muscles if you suffer from early morning back pain which is common. This can warm up your muscles and can relieve you from the pain. Sit on the edge of the bed with your feet on the floor. Now bend over, reaching your hands towards your feet without bending your knee. Arch your back. Hold down this position for a count of 10. Repeat this at least 5 times.  

3. Shoulder Stretch: This will help in reducing some tension after waking up in the morning. Sit on the bed lying your feet on the floor. Then shrug your shoulder up to your ears. Repeat this 10 times more. Then extend your arms out to the sides at shoulder level with palms facing the floor. Bring your arms in and crisscross them to form “X”. Hold for 2 minutes. Then again place your arms out to the sides. Perform this exercise 10 times to complete this stretching exercise.  

4. Chest Stretch: It targets the chest, front shoulders and biceps. In this stretching exercise, hold a wall or door or window frame with your left hand. Then step forward with left leg and turn your entire body to the right direction especially hips. Hold this stretching position for 4-5 deep breaths. Then repeat on the another side.  

5. Leg Stretch: It helps in getting blood flowing in your legs after sleeping. Warm your legs by shaking them. Stand straight and bend your left leg at knee and reach back. Then grasp your left ankle with left hand. Pull the ankle towards to your butt until you feel that your left leg muscles have been tightened. Hold the position for the count of 5 and and then do this with right leg.