What Does My Dream Signifies?

What Does My Dream Signifies?


We often see dreams at night and try hard decoding the possible meaning of them. There are many dreams that are common to most people and psychologists around the world believe that dream, in a way, depicts our desires and fears of the unconscious mind. Dream interpretation is very subjective, but still some common possible meanings of some dreams are depicted below.

Being chased: is a very common dream and almost everybody have this one, every now and then. It typically means that a person is running from a painful emotion or trying to avoid a frightening situation. This dream is common amongst people who usually avoid confronting a difficult situation in real life.


Dream Nudity:  in this dream a person see himself naked,  sometimes partially naked or in an inappropriate dress-up. This dream means that a person fears being exposed. He feels vulnerable and awkward. This is common with people who reveal too much about their personal life to others.


Falling: This is the most common dream and has been giving birth to so many myths related with it. It merely means that a person who encounters this dream is insecure in his real life or the he is ready to give up.


Missing teeth:  This dream is fairly common and a person dreams of a falling tooth while talking or doing some work. This dream is little disturbing f or people. It means that a person is afraid of is appearance. People who have insecurity towards their looks usually had this dream.


Snakes: Dreaming about snakes has a very interesting myth related to it.  The myth is, if a person sees snakes in his dream, he will get money. This is not true. The meaning of this dream is that a person is having some hidden fears and threat. Usually a snake shed its skin so it as means the renewal or transformation in real life.


Water:  This dream reflects renewal, purification and change in real life. Dreaming about offering water means a person is offering an opportunity for positive change and reformation.

Death dreams:  This dream symbolizes a requirement of change or end. This also shows the insecurity towards the life of your loved ones. This dream is the most disturbing dream and person often feel low after waking up.

Back to school:  this dream generally shows the love of a person towards school life. It merely represents the fun of school as compared with the pressures and stress of job. This is a pleasurable dream and a person can be seen smiling in sleep. It also represents the anxiety of a person.

Astrologically it is believed that we dream what we expect in our life and about what we are scared of. We should remember if we are honest by heart and clear about our views then there will not be any chance of getting such weird dreams. Dreams should be of promises in life so that we can shape our future in a well defined manner. Keep your mind fresh and experience better dreams for a better life ahead.