What Are The Natural Ways To Straighten Hair

What Are The Natural Ways To Straighten Hair


Indian market is a massive one and it involves numerous hair products and each product has it’s own market. A minute break between your favorite TV series and every other ad commercial involves a hair product. We are so obsessed with our hair that anything that can more or less enhance it’s texture, shine is a go to thing for us.

Every person complains of damage in the hair or cutting the hair to get free of the problems involved.That says it all. Straight hair have always been a fascination for women folks of all age. No matter what hair one possess by birth, every person seems to be longing for another person’s hair or in awe of another individual’s hair. Hair is an imperative part of an individual and a person does everything possible to make it elegant and tangle free.

Natural ways to straighten hair as follows:

  • Apply hot oil: Give your hair hot oil massage. It helps hair acquire the smoothness and also gives it beneficial of a moisturizer. Hot oil is a century old application trickle down to generations. Any oil can be used when it comes to hot oil massage. Olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil are the best oils used for giving hair a straight dimension.
  • Milk :Milk is an important component in giving straightness to hair. Take a sprinkle bottle and pour milk into it. Now sprinkle this milk into the hair and leave it for standard 20-30 minutes. Wash it with shampoo and leave it to dry.
  • Tie wet hair:Tying your tresses while it’s still wet make the hair more firm and smoothens it with no tangles. As the hair dries off it falls straight with no frizziness at all. This technique is often applied by women working in order to get a straight hair without even giving heat to the hair.
  • Apply coconut oil:As it is good for anti fungal and acts as a good moisturizing agent .Coconut gives hair all essential shine and luster that would elevate your hair from boring frizzy hair to shiny tresses.
  • Fuller’s earth or usually known multani mitti is an essential component to get a frizz free hair.It is regarded as a natural means of straighten hair without much hassle. All you need to do is apply it on wet hair and wash it off after an hour or so. You can see the result soon after the wash.Hair gets a new smoothness and straightness both at the same time.
  • Comb your hair regularly to tangle free the hair at first:Tangle free in itself speaks of damage free hair. So, combing hair is must to get a straightened hair. Tie your hair and sleep. Never go to bed with unkept hair as it leads to breakage of hair which inturn results into frizziness.
  • Eggs:Eggs are high in moisture. It gives hair ample of moisture along with the essential shine. Eggs ought to be applied with it’s yoke separated and then mixed properly and then applied to the scalp right away. The solution should reach every root, so that no region is left out. Apply the liquid and comb your hair simultaneously so that you will get to know what part is left and to be covered.
  • Aloe vera:Consists of straightening element, natural enzymes which enables the hair straightness. Aloe vers has been used for this particular purpose by our ancestors state old folk tales.

Straight hair have always garnered attention and the trend remains the same. A frizz free hair talks of it’s volume and luster. Indian hair globally speaking are considered to be charismatic out of all the hair. The reason behind the good volume hair is that of our genes and also the various methods we have implemented from generations to keep the tresses intact with the shine and moisture.