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Inner Health Mind

Inner Health Mind
health benefits of meditation

Meditation a Spiritual Way for Healthy Being

Meditation brings wisdom;lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what you leave forward and what hold back and choose the path that leads to...
benefits of meditation

Yoga- Not Just Meditation But the Real Happiness

The virtual meaning of Yoga in Sanskrit is ÔÇÿto listen an art or practice of listening to your body. Yoga was developed first in...

Fasting Triggers Brain / Memory Power. Here’s How

Loss of memory comes with age. All of us starts noticing few changes in our prospective to remember things. You may even miss an...

Take Up The Quiz To Know Your Personality Kind

Have you ever given a thought to how your personality is from within? What kind of a person you are. Pessimistic or optimistic? Do...

Depression Is The Cause Behind Stroke

Depression is a mental disorder which is related to person’s low mood, anxiety, guilt feeling, sleep disorder, low energy, loss of interest and lost...

5 Healthy Indian Traditions

Indian tradition is a rich tradition. The tradition and culture has also influenced the people in west to follow this for their health and...



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