Top 7 Benefits Of Omega 3 From Fish Oil

Top 7 Benefits Of Omega 3 From Fish Oil

Top 7 Benefits of Omega 3 Fish Oil

Through the process of weight loss when its comes to burn fat, there is one type which you do not want to cut off, that is omega 3 fatty acids. Primarily, fish oil is the rich source of omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA.

There are multiple evidences that shows how beneficial omega 3 is, even UK, and US government has recommended at least 450-500 mg of omega 3 daily.

Omega 3 fatty acids have multiple health benefits, lets check out the top 7 benefits:

1. Prevent Coronary Heart Diseases:
From an Italian study, the patients supplemented with fish oil significantly reduced the risk of coronary heart diseases by 40%. Another evidence from America where men who consumed fish oil every week showed more than 50% reduced risk of dying from cardiac strokes. Omega 3 not only regulate blood pressure in heart, but also helps to protect against atherosclerosis and arrhythmia.

2. Regulate Cholesterol level & Improve Lipid Profiling:
Omega 3 is known to reduce liver triglyceride, it helps to improve cholesterol by reducing VLDL and elevating good cholesterol i.e. HDL. According to a study, the efficiency of fish oil in lowering cholesterol triglyceride levels is more pronounced any other source of omega 3.

3. Prevent Type 2 Diabetes:
According to the study in Finland, people who consumed omega 3 twice a week were found 30 % less susceptible to develop diabetes that those who did not. Omega 3 fat play an important in secretion of certain hormones like prostaglandins which is responsible to regulate physiological functions such as, blood pressure, blood glucose level, and allergies, etc.

4. Protect from Alzheimer & Dementia:
Omega 3 fatty acids has emphasized in protecting nervous system with help of well balanced diet. Fish oils has played an important role to lower the risk of Alzheimer and dementia, a neuron linked brain disorders. According to research, omega 3 has positive impact on memory loss and ageing. A healthy mind always excite the nerve cells in brain and remain functional in order to resist the complication of depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorders.

5. Work as an Anti-aging:
Several studies across the globe proved that regular intake of omega 3 is linked with an individuals age. Sources like salmon, mackerel, tuna, herring, etc provide rich amount of omega 3 which slow down the affect of ageing. In addition, Omega 3 improves skin and helps to reduce wrinkles.

6. DHA affects your childs growth & Development:
A study revealed that low level of DHA in children can result in poor memory and behavioral problems. Another study published where the researchers mentioned that supplementing omega 3 in a child significantly increase the mental capability and behavioral pattern. Omega 3 helps to over come from leaning, reading disabilities,promote neuronal growth and improves cerebral circulation in brain.

7. Reduce the Risk of Cancer:
Reducing the risk of cancer is most prominent benefit of omega 3. An omega 3 rich diet prevents colon cancer, a women with plenty of omega 3 intake can less likely to develop breast and prostate cancer.

Note: When you need to increase your omega 3 intake, do not panic about the consequences. You just focus on your rich omega 3 source in your diet.