The Basic & Easiest Cardiological Exercises

The Basic & Easiest Cardiological Exercises


Cardio exercise also known as aerobic exercise is a physical exercise which is of low intensity. It is a process which generates aerobic energy. Cardio is the best exercise for the body as it is beneficial in fat burn, weight lose and health. The great thing about cardio is that it has plenty of choices like running, walking, swimming etc. On the basis of this cardio exercise is divided in three categories- indoor, outdoor and indoor or outdoor.

Indoor Exercise :

  • Stair Climbing: This exercise increases the cardiovascular stamina and tone up the lower body. Stair climbing is a great gym cardio training. The great way to get the heart rate up is walking briskly up and down the stairs until one get sweat. Skip the elevators.


  • Elliptical Trainer: It is a stationary exercise machine which is used to stimulate stair climbing, walking, running without causing excessive pressure to the joints and reduces injuries. That’s why people who are injured use elliptical trainer as it affects little due to their low impacts.


  • Stationary Bicycle: It is also known as exercise cycle. It is a special purpose cycle which doesn’t has true wheels but has saddles and paddles. It is used for general fitness and physical therapy due to safe mode and low impact and effective cardiovascular effects.

Outdoor Exercise:

  • Walking: It has physical as well as mental benefits. It improves stamina, confidence, energy, weight control, lifespan, stress, lessens the risks of coronary heart diseases, diabetes, strokes. It also improves mental ability, learning ability, memory skills, concentration etc.


  • Jogging: It is another way to work for your body. It increases human lifespan, lowers the effects of aging and cardiovascular disorders, obesity. It is the easiest way to stay healthy.


  • Running: Running is also a very good cardio exercise. It keeps us fit and healthy. It improves cardiovascular fitness, reduce blood cholesterol, strengthens bone.

Indoor or Outdoor Exercise :

  • Swimming:- It is primarily a cardiovascular exercise because of its long exercise time. It requires constant oxygen supply to the muscles and body and hence lessens the risks of cardiovascular disorders.


  • Skipping:- It is also a cardio exercise equivalent to jogging and bicycle riding. 10 minutes skipping is equal to running 8 miles in a minute. It has the burn rate of 700 calories/hour.

The other cardio exercises include kickboxing, jumping jacks, circuit training, rowing, inline skating etc.