Start Eating Good Foods For Healthy Brain

Start Eating Good Foods For Healthy Brain


 “A healthy brain requires healthy food”. Food is the impetus for good intellectual brain and this is the reason while we were kids our mothers used to come up with either soaked almonds or walnuts while we were in a hurry to catch our buses to schools.

According to Harvard Health Publication, what we eat is what we  reap in coming years. Dementia and Alzheimer are gradual diseases. Both of them do not make a drastic impact overnight, rather slowly slowly your brain becomes handicapped. A healthy mind is the crux of our living. A person with stable and well functioning mind can only lead a peaceful and stress free life. Kick-starting your day with good quality workout to what you eat everything plays a pivotal role in keeping a healthy mind .

  • Drink water : Consumption of at least 8-10 glasses of water is ideal everyday. In the book “Blue Mind“, Wallace J. Nichols speaks of the vitals of drinking loads of water in order to keep a well healthy mind. Drinking water keeps your body hydrated leaving less chance of stress and anger and other kinds of dis comfort. Your body functions properly when the body is full hydrated.
  • Avocados : Avocados are appropriate for memory boost. It so beneficial that it reverses the memory loss in Alzheimer. It gives immense energy and mind to think afresh and with vigour. Avocados are typically high in vitamins like B and E and folic acid which does not only give the capacity to infuse thorough circulation of blood. It even act as a nutrient booster.
  • Blue berries : Blue berries provides you high amount of intelligence. It not only accelerates high learning and other mental abilities. You can consume it either as juice or eaten as raw.
  • Apples : “An apple a day keeps doctor at bay” is a proverb we have all grown up hearing. Apples are rich in Vitamin C, reduces alzheimer. Apples can be consumed in different ways like a crucial ingredient in pancakes, fruit salads, juice. Apples progresses the analytical and logical thinking in a person at large.
  • Broccoli : Dark green broccoli is good for brain as it not only improves your brain from functioning to it’s optimum but also provides the body best nutrients. Broccoli can be eaten either with just boiling it or sorte it with butter if the former is tasteless and hard to gulp in.
  • Almonds/Walnuts : Almonds and walnuts are the most sought after dry fruits for improving the mental abilities and are easy to eat as one just needs to throw into the mouth and munch unlike other food items that either needs to be well cooked or peeled to be eaten.
  • Fish : High in fatty acid and omega 3 enables. Fish enables the memory to fasten it’s processing and thinking ability. If not fish as such fish oil too has been proved by many studies as a pivotal factor in improving brain.
  • Chocolate : Chocolate comprises of an anti oxidant that increases memory which an individual tends to lose with passing age. As it is every one us is fond of chocolates, chocolates and all the more chocolates. Hence, with study proving that chocolates are  a determining factor in boosting memory it has come as a medicine yet  feeding craving.
  • Caffeine : Caffeine not only gives the memory. It speeds up neuron activity and produces adrenaline which further allocates different essentials to our body and brain.
  • Pomegranate : Pomegranate helps in good flow of blood which further allows the mind to function properly. It can either be eaten with other fruits or as juice. Pomegranate has multiple benefits for health problems like cancer etc.

Everyday we feed ourselves with junk food which does no good neither to our body nor to our mind. There are a number of essential foods that can not only foster our memory but also give a fresh happy mind with well functioning.