Spice Up Your Sex Life With 5 Amazing Foods

Spice Up Your Sex Life With 5 Amazing Foods


Want to spice up your sex life? Well, it’s not too difficult. Generally, the people choose to take medical help or use supplements, if they face any problem in fulfilling their sexual desire or the fantasy. However, sometimes the regular habit of taking supplements may prove to be harmful and may possibly have side effects. If you want to stay free from side effects, then you should pick up natural foods.

(1) Pumpkin Seeds :

Pumpkin seeds are beneficial for your health. These are essential to release your inner beast in the boudoir. It contains essential oils and zinc. These help you to make your sex life happy. These seeds are enriched with various helpful nutrients that help to boost sperm production and testosterone, lifting your libido to orgasmic heights.

(2) Oysters :

It is very helpful for your health. It is enriched with omega-3 oils, mono unsaturated fats and zinc. These helpful components help in the sexual experience. It includes more fireworks to sex rather than the intimate work of taking oysters with your partner. It is nutritional and kinky.

(3) Goji Berries

Goji berries include enough vitamins that also help in your sexual health. Not only it helps to boost testosterone production, but also assists in delaying the climax, that gives you an extra chance to do more fun during sexual intimacy. It is enriched with nutrients to balance stamina and mood. So, it is extremely essential and important for your sex life.

(4) Bananas :

It is good for your over all health. Mostly people include Banana in their diet. The abundance of Vitamin (B6) helps in imitating the effect of serotonin secretion and balancing hormones. Serotonin gives you the euphoric satisfaction after sex. It’s sugar content is a careful balance of complex. Simple sugars deliver you with sufficient energy to last all over the night.

(5) Avocados :
Avocados have long been considered sexual enhancers. This fruit is high in folic acid, which breaks down protein and boosts energy. Avocados contain a good amount of monounsaturated fat – the healthy fat – that is necessary for hormone production. In addition, they’re rich in vitamin B6 and potassium, both of which boost male hormone production and give you enough energy to last in the bedroom.