Should You Really Trust ANYONE Blindly : FORE-WARNING

Should You Really Trust ANYONE Blindly : FORE-WARNING


Should You Really Trust ANYONE Blindly

Trust is one of the most essential part of any kind of relation be it girlfriend-boyfriend, brother-sister, husband-wife or any professional relation. Trust plays an important role in developing or maintaining a strong bond. It is the backbone of any relation. But just because it is an important part of any relation can “trusting someone blindly is justified?” Here are some reasons which could help you to understand weather blind trust is justified or not.

Life is a race, where everyone is competing to be at the top. Everyone wants to be the best and be at the top. When it comes to the professional life it may seem that people are helping you out but the fact is everyone has a motive behind helping you. It may be your boss, colleague whom you might trust blindly “that they are helping you or they will stand by your side always” But the fact is that you might be used by them just achieve their own goals. Everyone plays the games to achieve success and you might be misused by them to move one step further towards the success. Trust should be there in professional life as you spent almost half of your day with your colleagues but blind trust can never be justified when it comes to professional life.  

As they say “A friend in need is a friend indeed” Do you actually think any of your friend will help you by going beyond limits? Think over it that any of your friend will ever keep their priorities aside and will give attention towards your problems or priorities? No, everyone has their own priorities, their own problems no one has got the time to keep their goals aside and help you to get out of trouble. Your friend can definitely take out time for you to listen your issues but no one can actually feel the pain hat you must be going through. In fact no one gives a damn about your problems. Definitely, trust should be there in friendship that “yes this friend might help me out” but if you think that “No matter whatever the situation is this friend will always be there for me” then you might be living in a fool’s paradise.  

Trust, Loyalty, Respect are the words which can be seen in books or movies only in real life what we get is backstabbing, back bitching and fake respect. Nobody in the world deserves blind trust even when it comes to your relatives or family. No one gives a damn about your success or your failure all you will get is sympathy or back bitching. Relatives or family are most trusted by an individual but the facts and figures justifies that a person is mostly back-stabbed by the family or relative. Take out any newspaper it is full of news about brother killing brother, child used parent to get the property and many more. Everybody joins you in your happiness they might appreciate your for your achievement or console you in your bad times but what exists in their hearts is jealousy or hatred. You spend entire life with your family and relatives and you got to trust on them but blind trust is harmful for yourself.  

Name, fame, money, respect is the only thing that matters to an individual. People can cross all the limits to achieve these goals. Being advanced and modern is the current trend yo got to be at the top no matter how you have reached there. No one cares about the people whom you have back-stabbed or whose trust you have broken to be at that point. If you are the top you will be respected no mater how cruel you are. People might act like they really care for you, you are their first priority but the fact is that human beings are the most selfish and cruel species on the planet. If they praise you their might be a selfish reason behind them, if they back-stab you then again there is a selfish reason behind it. Trust is made and broken for the selfish reasons only.   

Once you trust someone blindly and your trust is broken it is very hard to overcome that situation. It takes years to trust some one blindly but only one moment to break it. Imagine a friend whom you trusted blindly from past 20 years screws you and breaks your trust in 20 minutes. A person whom you devoted your 20 years screws you up in 20 minutes what else could be more disastrous in your life. It takes years to trust someone blindly, seconds to break that trust and again it takes years to overcome the fact that you are ditched by someone. Today’s time is irrelevant for trusting someone blindly, never allow someone to let you down by breaking your trust, keep testing the people around you because word doesn’t matter is only the actions that speaks. 

Trust but carefully, not blindly !!!

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