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Tips & Ideas

Tips & Ideas

5 Things You Should Just Not Do Immediately After Sex

Nothing can be more refreshing, ingenious and stimulating than a sexy sex session with your spouse. After you have shed all that sweat and...

5 Most Strange And Weird Facts About Farts

Hope you will not mind talking about farts. will you? Well, you may! But have you ever given a serious thought to it? If...

Top 5 Condoms Used by Indians : Infographics

Condom, also known as the Dick Socks worldwide, is said to be one of the safest tool to undergo the world's most adorable game...

How To Have Sex When There’s No Room?

Young hearts, fiery fascinations and rushing adrenaline sets everyone in a fix! You surely want to have your charming partner in your arms. You...

5 Foods That Will Kill Your Mood In Bed

There are a lot of aphrodisiacs available in market to boost your libido and make you a good performer in bed like almonds and...

Condom Challenge – Another Creepy Invention from Teens

Recently some totally “out of the box” and wacko activities have caught layman’s imagination. Previously it was Ice bucket Challenge, that hit the headlines which...

10 Vital Reasons For Pain Using Sexual Intercourse

It is very common symptom for female to feel some amount of pain during sexual intercourse. Sometimes, due to lack of lubrication becomes the...

How Sex Makes You Look Beautiful

Living your fantasies is like living in the beautiful and mesmerizing world of illusions. And when it comes to love, lust and sex, the...

Health Benefits of Masturbating – What Happen When You Masturbate

Truth is something, many of us rarely admit to. And Masturbation is one such truth of life. It is that clandestine act of both...



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