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Personal Care

Personal Care
How to increase fertility by yoga & exercises. Sex safety, precaution and how to increase pleasure during sex. & make sex drive more pleasurable. Also get relationship advice for love and marriage. How to increase fertility in men and women? How to make relationship strong and sex drive more pleasurable. Also get sex safety and precaution tips.

5 Things Every Man Mulls While Making Love

While in bed with his beloved, every men goes through a lot of doubts, thoughts, anticipations, confusions and questions. There's a lot going inside...

5 Things That Could Ruin Your Sex Life

Sex is a fundamental part of a matrimonial life whether we accept it or not. A qualitative study carried out by Amitabha and Sepeedeh...

10 Secret Things Men Want Women To Know

10 Secret Things Men Want Women To Know Struggling to maintain a healthy relationship? Having arguments too frequently with your partner? Understanding opposite sex is...
Reasons Positive Emotion Is Good For Your Heart

7 Reasons Positive Emotion Is Good For Your Heart

A recent research has suggested that people who experience positive emotions and maintain positivity are less likely to develop any kind of heart disease,...

5 Most Strange And Weird Facts About Farts

Hope you will not mind talking about farts. will you? Well, you may! But have you ever given a serious thought to it? If...

10 Ways How Sex Can Help Your Health!

'Sex' has got so many colors and moods to it. The most pleasure giving activity ever known to humankind. Sex can sometimes do blunders,...

5 Things You Should Just Not Do Immediately After Sex

Nothing can be more refreshing, ingenious and stimulating than a sexy sex session with your spouse. After you have shed all that sweat and...

5 Reasons, Why Men Hide Their Emotions

Ever wonder why men are shown in movies as strong in physique and mental sensibilities ?? That's because that's how and what's expected of...

5 Romantic Things To Do On Your Honeymoon

One must have heard “marriage is an institution for lifetime” billion times while conversing everyday. With marriage comes several other liabilities and responsibilities towards...



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