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Personal Care

Personal Care
How to increase fertility by yoga & exercises. Sex safety, precaution and how to increase pleasure during sex. & make sex drive more pleasurable. Also get relationship advice for love and marriage. How to increase fertility in men and women? How to make relationship strong and sex drive more pleasurable. Also get sex safety and precaution tips.

5 Types Of Girlfriends : Which One Is Yours/Are You?

Types Of Girlfriends. Which One Is Yours or You Are Dating, breakup, patch-up is most trending these days. Different types of people together enjoy different kind...

10 Safe Sex Methods

Sex gives you pleasure. It is a fun and enjoyment for both the partners. Relaxation. But, during sex, the minimum amount of maturity and...

5 Things What Men Want From Women In Bed

Men are always desirous, enthusiastic, wishing and willing to receive & retrieve pleasure. They like it when you grant it, they love it when...

Does marriage make men fatter?

Well, nothing else than eating wrong and avoiding exercise can make you fat though, but Marriage as a scenario, can surely contribute factors towards...
Reasons Positive Emotion Is Good For Your Heart

7 Reasons Positive Emotion Is Good For Your Heart

A recent research has suggested that people who experience positive emotions and maintain positivity are less likely to develop any kind of heart disease,...

Pregnancy Sex – 10 Facts that You Should Know

When initial pregnancy symptoms reveals which make the mom to be feel vulnerable and sick, sex acts as a mood booster for a happy...

Spice Up Your Sex Life With 5 Amazing Foods

Want to spice up your sex life? Well, it's not too difficult. Generally, the people choose to take medical help or use supplements, if...
when should a guy kiss a girl

The Must Kiss Moments – When A Guy Must Kiss His Girl

Kiss- The Expression of love and affection. Kissing other person is the common expression to show your love and affection to some one. Kisses...

Top 5 Condoms Used by Indians : Infographics

Condom, also known as the Dick Socks worldwide, is said to be one of the safest tool to undergo the world's most adorable game...

Must Have Foods During Menstruation – Health Tips for Menstruation

Monthly periods are a perpetual bummer for a girl or a lady. In these 2-7 petulant days of the month, a woman must keep...



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