Important Tips for Changing Adult Diaper

Important Tips for Changing Adult Diaper

important tips for changing adult diaper

It is scientifically made and clinically approved product which is usually worn by the old aged people who have problems of mobility injury, incontinence, severe dementia and severe diarrhea. It is specially produced to be worn by a adult person which is known as adult diaper. Adult diaper contains some good features, for example it contains leakage protective and comfortable materials that are very helpful for users. Wearing adult diaper is medication-free way which aids the incontinent people to keep free and feel relaxed when they go outside anywhere in the public places. You can get various types of adult diapers in the market, for example briefs, brief with cloth like backing, brief with plastic backing 21, Briefs with refasten-able tabs , Briefs with non-refasten able tabs, Briefs for Overnight, Briefs for Day Use, Bariatric Briefs, Pull-ups, Pull-ups With Refasten able Tabs, Reusable Adult Diapers, Belted Undergarments, Fecal Incontinence Incontinence Products and Swim Diapers.

Important Tips on Adult Diaper Changes

It is very important and essential for old aged or disabled people to allow them to live a normal life with dignity. Some pregnant women use adult diapers at some point in their pregnancy while the baby in their womb would push down on their bladder causing a discharge.

Time To Change An Adult Diaper


It is good, healthy and hygienic practice to replace and change a soiled diaper as soon as it becomes stained or wet. Using a wet diaper for long duration occurs in the formation of bacteria that creates bad odor and diaper rashes. To get recovery from this unpleasant situation, the diaper should be replaced without delay. People who wet their beds and they require to wear diapers. They should change their diapers as soon as possible. Some people can change their own diapers, but others need help to done the work. Disabled persons may require assistance for changing diapers.

How to Change an Adult Diaper


The process of changing the adult’s diaper is same task for changing a baby’s diaper, sometimes little more complicated work. You have to choose diaper as per the suitable size. Diaper needs to close it and fit it properly at the waist. A well-fitting adult diaper will deliver comfort to the user and protects from the leakage problem during use.

A stained adult diaper is opened by unfastening the velcro or sticky tabs, just as you would baby diaper. The different procedure of pull off adult’s diaper is that you don’t just remove it from under the cloth. Extra care must be required while pulling off the adult diaper to get rid of further inconvenience.

Useful information can aid you to give detail information of changing an adult diaper:

  • Gently fold the diaper from the cloth. Fold it carefully inward to determined that the stain and wetness are kept on the inside of the fold and there is no chances of unfolding.
  • Gradually roll the wearer to the different side to make the diaper free and gently remove it. To make sure the diaper comes out easily, roll the wearer as far as possible to sufficiently expose the diaper before pulling it out from under him.
  • After disposing off the soiled diaper, use warm water, soap or baby wipe to clean the wearer’s bottom thoroughly. Use can use baby powder and mild lotion on the particular area. It soothes the skin and protects from chafing.
  • To wear on a fresh adult diaper, simply spread the wearer to one side and fix the diaper under him. When you make sure both the secure tabs should be closed, slip the diaper as far as possible.
  • Gently roll the wearer again to the opposite side and pull the diaper. When making sure it is sufficiently filled and will not occur discomfort to the wearer. Fasten both tabs securely closed once you make sure the wearer is comfortable with the fit.

Changing an adult diaper needs skill, but with sufficient practice combined with the right efficiency, attitude in the task can be achieved in due time.