How To Wear A Saree So That You Look Slim

How To Wear A Saree So That You Look Slim


Saree is the most feminine, sexy and a curvy attire. Saree can look decent, gorgeous, glamorous, sober and sexy, all at the same time. It can make you look younger as well as elder. A lot actually depends on the style of draping it, attitude of carrying it and the type of accessories you choose to wear with it. Here, we’ll tell you the way to drape a saree so that you look all the more slimmer and better. Follow the following 6 steps to dazzle in a saree this time.



Before starting to drape the saree, put on your heels. This will enable you to decide on the length of the saree.



Now hold the starting edge/corner of the saree and tuck it in front, at your extreme right inside your petticot. Now start draping the saree towards your left. When a single drape is complete, hold the ending edge of the saree and make pleates with the edge. These will be the pleates of your Pallu.



Now drag these pleates and place them over your left shoulder. Alter the length accordingly and have the pleates rest on your shoulders till you drape the rest of the saree.



Now come to the centre portion which we left. From the left side now, take the saree and tuck it to the extreme right corner of your waist from the front so that a fine slanting line of border is visible from the front which is inclined upwards towards your left.



Now with the rest of the saree make pleates and tuck them inside the petticot. Now with a safety pin, pin up the pallu of the saree. Before pinning up make sure that you’ve dragged the falling saree towards the pallu in such a way that your back is hidden along with your side waist.

The trick here is to make the waist look lean by hiding it from the side and exposing it from the center.

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