Home Made Pregnancy Test

Home Made Pregnancy Test


A home pregnancy test is a helpful method to determine about the presence of the pregnancy hormone, such as human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), in your urine. Your body starts to made hCG when a fertilized egg inserts in your uterus (womb). HCG is produced by the cells that will go on to form your baby’s placenta. It may be perceived in your urine from about 6-14 days after fertilization. In the first few days after implantation your levels of hCG increases quickly. All home pregnancy tests are beneficial and sensitive enough to identify hCG in your urine on the first day your period is due.

For every woman it is important to know that homemade pregnancy tests are not dangerous for you, as well as home made pregnancy test are not also scientifically approved to show the accurate results. If the results of your homemade pregnancy test detects a positive result, it is very important to consult and check with your doctor for final determination. It is also important to handle the element of some of these tests with special care, especially the homemade bleach test. If you are pregnant, you do not want to breath in the fumes from the bleach, and if you drop a little bleach on your furniture as well as clothing, it may destroy both.

Different Types of Home Made Tests:

(a) Dandelion Test :


In this method a woman cuts dandelion leaves and keeps them in a plastic container. When you are placing the leaves in the container as well as when transporting them to the container, then it is important to observe that they do not get into the touch of direct sunlight. After that she should urinate in the container and make sure all the leaves are completely soaked. You have to check after every 10 minutes, the leaves should observed for reddish blisters. If the leaves turn into reddish look, then the you are pregnant.

(b) Toothpaste Test :


If you want to test pregnancy at your home, then using toothpaste is one of the best process. Before doing this test, you need to choose white color tooth paste. After that you need to put the toothpaste on a plate or in a cup and pour your urine over it. If you are pregnant, toothpaste turns into light blue color. There are no special recommendation on how much toothpaste or how much urine to use. There are also no specific suggestion that you should use a particular type of white toothpaste. But, one thing should be kept in mind that white color toothpaste must be used in pregnancy test. There is no specific time recommendation that how much time it will take in this testing process.

(c) Bleach Pregnancy Test :


You may try bleach pregnancy test. Put some bleach into cup and pour fresh urine into the same cup. If the solution becomes frothy or fizzy as well as starts bubbling, it shows that you are pregnancy. If the solution is not like that, then you are not pregnant. There are no particular instructions as how much urine or how much bleach to add or how much time to wait for getting the results. You should follow a precautionary warning that when doing this type of test. When combined with urine, bleach creates harmful gases that may dangerous for you and also your potential baby. Make sure, when you are doing this kind of homemade test, do not stay in the touch of this mixture because it harms you and your baby.

(d) Pregnancy Test With Pine-Sol :


Basically Pine-Sol is used to clean your house’s floor. You just need to pour fresh urine into a cup with Pine-Sol. After that you need to wait for some minutes, until the result will appear. If the pine sol changes the color of your urine, then you are pregnant. If the color of the mixture remains the same, then you are not pregnant.

(e) Pregnancy Test With Vinegar :


Vinegar is also the helpful for pregnancy testing. In this test, you need some specific elements, such as a cup, your urine, and some quantity of vinegar. You have to put some vinegar into a cup and pours fresh urine. After that gives some time to create proper mixture. If the color of the solution changes then it is positive result. It means you are pregnant. If the mixing doesn’t deliver you any difference in color, it shows that you are not pregnant.

Are The Home Made Pregnancy Test Reliable Or Not?

Though these testing methods may fun to do at home, based on these kinds of test result you cannot totally determine whether you pregnant or not. Until your doctor is determined you through the scientifically test. If you do not want to go outside and buy testing device or don’t have time to go and purchase a device for testing, then you can try these home made method. These methods are harm free except this bleach test. You may try these tests if you have emergency.

If you want to know your pregnancy test result first, then try these home made test methods before you go to doctor’s clinic for further determination….