Dance Practice Offers Healthy Living

Dance Practice Offers Healthy Living


Dancing as an exercise: 

Dancing is a very good exercise. Dancing can help in reducing weight, reducing stress, staying flexible etc. Dancing is transforming and magical. It can raise the spirit of a tired person. Dancing impact both physical and mental health. Dancing as an exercise keeps the mind and body active and healthy. Dancing helps in increasing the brain chemicals that helps in growth of nerve cells. Dancing can be replaced with cycling, brisk walking or swimming.

Dancing and muscle strength:


Dancing exercise can help strengthening of muscles and bones without pressurizing and hurting the joints. It tones the entire body and improves the posture. It also helps in increasing the flexibility and stamina of body. Dance always begins with stretching exercise which helps in increasing the flexibility of body. Flexibility is a key to good health. Dancing creates full motion of all muscles. Dancing requires leaping and jumping high into air this require strength of leg muscles. With continuous practice it increases the strength and stamina of a person. Regular ball room dancing improves the endurance.

Dancing and weight reduction:


Dancing helps in reducing weight. It is a good way to cut the extra calories. It helps in burning the body fat. By weight management it helps in warding away the problems like blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, depression and osteoporosis. Even the normal social dancing can help people in losing calories. With weight management many heart diseases can also be avoided. Dancing is a moderate exercise that helps in reducing weight without any pressure and exertion.

Dancing as a medium of relaxation:


Dancing is a fun way of exercising. People feel relaxed after dancing sessions. It helps people to connect with new people and make new friends and relation. It is a great way of reducing stress and anxiety. Doctors find dancing a very good way of fighting with depression.  Dancing releases the mood improving chemicals that is a good stress buster. It also boosts the memory and remembrance power as it includes memorizing the dance steps.

Dancing and caring the heart:


Dancing can give a good way to improve performance of heart. While dancing the heart rate goes up which helps increasing the blood flow in the body. As mentioned with weight management the cholesterol levels goes down which is important for healthy heart. By staying physically active, the problems of raised blood sugar levels can also be controlled. Dancing is good for overall health of body. People can reduce their mood swings with dancing.  It can improve health significantly as compared to cardio workout.

Dance is one such cultural activity which is present in every nation of this world. It is a typical art form with various variations. What may be the dance type, one thing is common in every type which is of bringing flexibility in the whole body with touch of art. Dance makes you feel better, Dance makes your health better and dance discovers the creative personality in you. All in all dances is a medium of healthy living.