Daily Exercise, Natural Tip to Loose Weight

Daily Exercise, Natural Tip to Loose Weight



My body is like breakfast, lunch and dinner. I don’t think about it, I just have it.

-Arnold Schwarzenegger

All our work has to be scheduled within the twenty-four hours time frame. Can’t we spend a devoted twenty-four minutes to keep our body and mind healthy? What helps us to loose weight naturally?

Reports say that over two-third of the adults are the victims of obesity or overweight in the U.S. And in India, the figure stands to be 5 per cent of the total population. 

 We might have observed, ‘Westernization’ is a hot topic which is severely debated at different platforms in the Indian society. Transcending this fact, not only fashion it is, but India has ardently followed the western trend of obesity either.

A daily exercise is not only a natural tip to loose weight, but a way to solve, or rather a way to keep away many of the major health problems. 

A recent study figures out that India has the largest young population in comparison to the other countries of the world. With it goes the fact that obesity is a perpetually growing problem among the youths.

Isn’t it a true fact that our reluctant attitude towards our health makes us to be an easy prey to the giant monster called obesity.

And thus, weight reducing tips are what both over weighted men and women look for. 

Overweight Leads to Various Problems


With the gradual expansion of, what we call modernization, the junk food trend has pounced upon our daily lifestyle. Healthy living is ebbing, affecting our health significantly. As a result, the monstrous health problems like:

  • Depression, High Blood Pressure, Sleeping Disorder

  • Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, Skin Disease

  • Erectile Dysfunction and even Cancer…

…makes space in early life. We keep mulling about our health every day but only come to action when something has actually gone wrong.

Have a Fixed Time for Exercising


We all have a fixed time to work. We will all agree with the fact that morning is the best time for exercising. Not only because, it has its own benefits but because that is the time which you can spend with yourself. No friends, no meetings, no office, no visitors either. 

Find your Own Ways to Exercise


Although, jogging and walking have been always said to be the best exercise, one can always find their own ways to exercise.

If going out is a problem or time is a constraint for that matter, one can choose to buy a treadmill or other similar exercising machines and get it installed at home.

Even simple stretching exercise would be beneficial for your health. 

Easy Weight Loss Tips


There is no short-cut to happiness. We might have heard it millions of times. Nevertheless, there are innumerable medicines which dramatically reduces your weight but ‘REMEMBER’ it always comes with certain sort of side effects.

Other than this, there are innumerable homely tips to weight loss which might work. But exercising, for sure, transcends all the other tips to loose weight.

Overweight Leads to Dementia & Autism


There are studies which concludes that obesity not only hits your intellectual capacity, it also disintegrates your personality. It is medically termed as Dementia.

On the other hand, another recent report in The Times of India, an English Daily Newspaper, talks of a study which concludes that, “fathers up risk of autism (Neural development disorder) in their off-springs more than obese mothers.”

It is merely the self discipline, what a few minutes exercise demands daily. You would perhaps neither be needing any sort of medications nor be diagnosed for any disease.

After all, well goes the phrase, “health is wealth.”