Condom Blunders – Uncommon Side Effects of Condoms

Condom Blunders – Uncommon Side Effects of Condoms


The use of condoms increased manifolds only when the sexually transmitted diseases started making the headlines worldwide.

In the race of promoting the use of condoms thereafter, people in every nook and corner, spoke about the benefits that the ‘Dick Socks’ carried but what not much people talked about that the Condoms has its own blunders and aftermaths respectively.

Now, the default may be in the technique of using a Condom or ending up picking a Condom which do not carry the British ‘Kite Mark’ or which is not approved by the ‘U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA),’ the consequences brings no pleasure as it brought using it.

According to a study, in only about approximately 2 per cent of the cases during sex, the Condom breaks or leaks or slips. And in these cases the risk can always be minimized.

But now the big question is “What are Condom Blunders and What are the side effects of using a Condom?

Condom Blunders

Condom Blunders are not to be taken for granted, for it can punish for the slightest of the mistakes made.

choose-right-condomChoose Right Condom

There are innumerable varieties in Condoms which are being sold in the market. It should not be too tight or not too long for that matter.

If the Condom is very tight, it will choke the blood circulation and if it is too long, possibilities are there that it will slip off during the intercourse. In both the cases, it is worthless to use the Condoms.

Moreover, the Condom should also be a properly lubricated one.

Right-Timing-Has-Everything-to-do-with-CondomsRight Timing Has Everything to do with Condoms

The Condoms are the cover for an erect penis. It is best dressed on an erect penis, it is a tough game otherwise. Furthermore, it is important for a good start.

Most importantly, you need to keep in mind that if a Condom goes on in an erected posture, it should even get off in the same posture. If not, it can leak from the bottom and ruin the mood, apart from causing other risks.

Store-Condoms-at-Right-PlaceStore Condoms at Right Place

Many people have the habit of keeping the Condoms in their wallet. That is for sure not a good place to keep the Condoms. Kept in a wallet for a long time, the Condom dries up and also gets stiff, making it prone to get teared.

The Condoms must be stored at a cool and dry place and should be used before it gets expired.


Side Effects of Condoms

Discussed above were the Blunders of Condoms that can really be worrisome for you. Now as far as the side effects of Condoms are concerned, one need to be careful while using the ‘Dick Socks’ as it comes with its own side effects.

Allergy-from-latexAllergy From Latex

Latex are the fluid found in the rubber trees and many of the Condoms are made from latex. Although, in approximately 100 cases, only 2 or 3 people complain of the allergies caused from latex but the allergy problems like Anaphylaxis can take your life either.

Nevertheless, allergies even if not life threatening can result in itching, swelling, skin turning reddish etc. and this has been medically termed as Contact Dermatitis. In such cases, one should prefer Lambskin Condoms or Natural Condoms or the Condoms made from Polyurethane for that matter.

There-is-a-Risk-of-PregnancyThere is a Risk of Pregnancy

The Condoms, if old, can break during the intercourse and thus there is always a risk of Pregnancy. However, there are few such cases but one should always not take for granted that the Condoms are the best tools to birth control.

The Condoms are said to be the most safest tool of a healthy and safe sex but the fact cannot be denied that when there are not myriad options available, beggars do not make a choice. And so even the Condoms play a monopoly. Therefore, it is better to remain careful all the time using the Dick Socks.