Celebrate This Women’s Day With Self Defence Product

Celebrate This Women’s Day With Self Defence Product


Women have always been the victims and targets of the opposite gender. Their safety is an issue, their birth is an issue, their education is an issue, their clothes are an issue and in fact, their very existence on the face of the earth is an issue itself. And yes, we often talk, discuss and debate about it, but hardly dare to do! We hardly dare to do something that would be practically feasible for the ladies to adopt in order to defend themselves when needed. So, here we present a magical and helpful product for your safety. This product is specially designed for women. In this women’s day special, Healthgenie brings to you a amazing self defence products for your safety. It opens a new way of self defence. This product has lot of popularity for its effectiveness. We believe in supplying a quality self defense products for your protection. You can find every personal safety products for college, home and work security. This product are available at an affordable price, It is basically non lethal weapons which is appropriate for walkers, college students, joggers and bikers!

We provides high quality self defense products to the general public. Our safety products give personal protection to every people in India. Log into our website and enjoy various offers on women’s safety products with a great assurance and reliability.

There are lots of important reason that is why every women should keep this product in their purse:

Reason 1: It heightens awareness :

The most vital reason to bear pepper spray is as a constant prompt to stay aware. Keep thing keychain where includes your pepper spray bottle every time with you. Look into key ring when you walk to your car helps to remind you to look around; look between cars as well as pay attention to your surroundings. This option is more helpful and legal rather than keep weapon with you.

Reason 2: It’s a non-lethal weapon :

It is non-lethal weapon that is going to help you to escape safely. Get aways safely is more important than fighting with attackers. If you become the target of any attackers, then spray this pepper spray and quickly get away from that place.

Reason 3: It is effective :

This spray contains an active ingredient such as oleoresin capsicum (OC) which is a spicy chemical that comes from burning-hot cayenne pepper plants. The Pepper Spray contains 18% pepper spray and tear gas.

Buy Pepper spray online which helps to swell the mucous membranes and aids to make breathing difficult as well as swells the veins in the eyes that causes the eyes to close. These effects can remain up to 45 minutes and it can not cause no permanent damage.

Most of the pepper spray includes an identifying vegetable dye so that the police can easily identify your attacker later. Remember, your need to get away first.

Reason 4: It is legal :

This product is legal to use. So, you can easily keep this product with you.

Reason 5: It is accessible :

Pepper sprays are very small in size like a lipstick. It comes with a keychain attachment to keep easily it in your hand whenever you want, such as at the time of walking to or from your car.

Reason 6: It is inexpensive :

This self defence product comes at very affordable price.

Make this women’s day more beautiful and blessed with this self defence product. Bit all the barriers which makes the circumstances for you. You can go and roaming around anywhere anytime without any worrier.

Reveal Women’s Power with this self defence products!