Can’t You Sleep At Night? Understand The Cause, Symptom & Solution

Can’t You Sleep At Night? Understand The Cause, Symptom & Solution


A sleepless night can ruin your whole day by making you irritated and lethargic. Sleeplessness is one of the sleeping disorder which is known as a serious health problems. If your are not mentally relaxed, then how can you expect that you can get physical relaxation and energy. This problem occurs due to various reasons, such as stress, poor nutrition, side-effects of medications, anxiety, bad sleeping habits. This sleeplessness is known as Insomnia. If you want to avoid sleepless nights, then you should follow some of the following tips :

What is Insomnia ?

What-is-InsomniaIt is basically the inability to get the sufficient amount of sleep that you require to wake up feeling refreshed and rested. Different people require different amounts of sleep, insomnia means the amount of your sleep and how you feel after sleeping not the number of hours you sleep or how quickly you awake up. Even after spending 8 hours a night in bed, sometimes you feel fatigued and drowsy during the day, you may be suffering from insomnia.

Symptoms :

  • Lie awake for a long time before you fall asleep.
  • Sleep for only short periods.
  • Be awake for much of the night.
  • Feel as if you haven’t slept at all.
  • Wake up too early.

Tips To Avoid Sleeplessness :

Avoid Coffee :

avoid-coffeeWe usually prefer coffee to stay refresh and active during working hours. It helps us to refresh our mind and stimulate our sense. This is because caffeine which works as natural stimulant. If you drink excessive coffee in a day that may occur sleeplessness. You need to minimize your coffee intake and avoid any form of caffeine after the evening.

Maximize Daytime Exposure to Sunlight :

Exposure-to-SunlightThis problem is occurred due to lack of exposure to sunlight. It is the prime cause of daytime laziness. It is suggested to spend a few minutes outside your office cubicle in the shade with a bit of sunlight peeing in or under the sun.

Minimize Water Intake Around Bedtime :

Minimize-Water-Intake-Around-BedtimeThe major cause of having a sleepless night is repeatedly visits to the bathroom. To avoid sleeplessness problem, it is recommended to drink lots of water during daytime that you keep yourself hydrated during, but you should limit your water intake during the evenings, particularly the nighttime. Avoid too much water or fluids after your dinner.

Avoid Spicy Food At Night:

Avoid-Spicy-Food-At-NightTo fight against insomnia, you should not take spicy food at night. This type of food cause acidity and heartburn. It becomes the reason of sleeplessness.

Sleep Comfortably :

sleep-in-a-proper-wayYou need to sleep in a proper way. Follow the right sleeping positions that keep your body relax and help to run body function properly.

Create Good Sleeping Environment :

Create-Good-Sleeping-EnvironmentIf you want to take deep sleep, then it is recommended to keep the windows slightly open to maintain a basic degree of ventilation. The air of your room should be refreshing. A well oxygenated room can deliver the better quality of sleep. Make sure your room is away from the noise or usual clutter in the house and switched off the light in your room.

Take Hydrotherapy :

Take-HydrotherapyTaking hydrotherapy is the best way to sleep at night properly. This therapy can help you to stay hydrate and gives a complete sleep in the night.

You Can’t Sleep At Night? Take Right Steps & Fight Against Insomnia!