9 Benefits of Red Wine

9 Benefits of Red Wine


The older the wine, better the taste

As told by wine connoisseurs all over the world, wine has phenomenal benefits too.

A thing started as a fashion statement or a determinant that spoke of class has now come to it’s essence with people interested to take wine knowing it’s pro’s and con’s above the style quotient.

Red wine is a wine derived from sundry of grapes. The colour ranges from brick coloured to violet type. The penchant for red wines has it’s influence from Christian culture and to an extend West. Red wine has many buyers nowadays. The well fermented, aged wine owes to hefty prices. People are even interested in vineyards with the upsurge in wine consumption of late. Red wine is an alcohol (made of grapes) like scotch (made of fruits) but doesn’t do any harm if taken in moderation.
The authentic problem lies in it’s excess consumption.

It has multiple health advantages that will benefit in the long run, which are as follows:

  • To begin with red wine like Rioja has an advantage of increasing the HDL (high density lip protein) and good cholesterol with minimum consumption for a healthy living. It maximises the good cholestrol and decreases the bad cholestrol which as the name suggests is bad for health.
  • Red wine also comprises of polyphenol that helps in lining the blood vessel. Resveratrol andpolyphenol that has caught attention are a major component of red wine good for health. It is even considered to be as effective as aspirin used by patients pertaining cardio vascular ailments.
  • It consists of antioxidants that kills bacteria and other possibledeterrents and helps regaining immunity and keeping a good skin. A study by Virginia university claims that red wine is good for skin as results are seen in minimum days of use itself.
  • It is also regarded as a good booze as it not only helps from de stressing from a day long at work but also allows you to slim your waist line at the same time. Red wine consists of a chemical compound resveratrol that helps in good metabolism which further leads to lose weight or to say retain the weight and not gaining more.
  • Red wine controls bloods sugar level. A study carried out by Columbia university says that people who skipped pill once a day and instead took wine regularly proved this study true. All one needs to take care of it’s amount that’s moderation not in abundance.
  • It is good to accelerate memory. Various studies prove that red wine consumption triggers good retaining power and also a good mind to work.
  • The component in wine called resveratrol helps in killing the cancer cell at large. This is the reason it’s recommended to women who are prone to breast cancer revealed by various studies. Three-four times a week is good to follow as a healthy routine .
  • Red wine is apt for keeping cold at bay. It helps you gain immunity and the antioxidants in the red wine helps battle it out.
  • This can also be used not just as a drink to be served with meal but also as a major ingredient like sauce or so. Red wine sauce is a very good in taste and must be tried with continental cuisines as lamented by world famous chefs .