7 Perfect Skin Care Tips for Winter Season

7 Perfect Skin Care Tips for Winter Season


During the winter season, it can be very difficult to keep your skin moisturized. Skin cannot hold moisture in its cells due to weather conditions and frigid temperatures such as snow and freezing rain that can be rough on exposed skin areas. Dry weather removes moistures and all glowing effect from your skin. Your skin becomes rough and tinny. Healthgenie presents some important tips for skin care in winter season. It will definitely help your skin to retain more moisture. The following tips help you to take care of your skin easier and gives you a flawless skin:

guide_for_winter-300x2251. Moisturize your skin properly in dry weather like winter based on your skin tone. Moisturizer can help your skin to lock moisture. Use a deep moisturizing lotion, cream and ointment. It is recommended to apply this type of product on your skin after properly washing hands and drying off from a shower. It is suggested to use natural and useful ingredients enriched products, such as jojoba oil and Shea butter enriched products. These products are helpful and useful for your skin.


June-Summer-Skincare1-300x1992. Protect your skin by applying sunscreen.You need to choose a moisturizer with SPF protection. Sun glare is one of the major reasons for dry skin. Use lip balm with similar protection can aid you to prevent the cracked and chapped lips.


washing_face-239x3003. The habit of using a mild cleanser on facial areas and keep a control over how often you wash your face. Apply and use the foam toners and cleansers that are alcohol-free. This type of product is good for your skin and help to restore natural moisture.


have-showers-instead-of-baths-1521834. Keep a control on the total duration of bath or shower or reduce the total time you spend for a bath. Being in the water too long duration may the reason of losing moisture from your skin. It is suggested to use natural products to fight against or treat the itchy skin such as baking soda. It must be very careful and gentle when you are going to wash and dry your skin as well as when applying a towel blot gently to your skin.


hydrated-skin-300x2005. Other suggestions may help in keeping your skin hydrated during winter season. A humidifier is generally used at home for maintaining the air moisture indoors. It is very essential and beneficial for your use. It is ideal for those people who have problems with itchiness, skin inflammation and other skin related problems, such as dermatitis. It is suggested that do not use harsh cleaners when cleaning and choose the products which is enriched with natural ingredients, such as essential oils. In addition, saline sprays help in minimizing the viral and flu infections. It also helps to keep moisturized various body areas, such as the nasal passages, eyes, and the mouth and fight against dryness. You need to take lots of water to stay hydrated.


6. Skin care is very essential if you want to keep your skin supple and glowing. Due to too much stress, busy schedules and pollution, your skin become rough and tinny. So, use