6 Tips to Avoid Your Back Pain

6 Tips to Avoid Your Back Pain

Young businessman has backache at work with a laptop in the office

Back Pain:

Back pain is a very common ailment in today’s world. It is not any serious disease but reduces the quality of a person’s day to day life. The reasons for back pain differ from person to person. It can be acute for some and can become chronic. A healthy back is a key to healthy and normal life. To keep the back healthy following steps should be followed:

1. Exercises:

By following active lifestyle, many problems can be reduced. The simple exercises like swimming, walking and cycling can help in strengthening the back muscles. It is good to be active and fit for the day to day quality of life.

2. Sitting Technique:


It is advised that a person for a prolonged time period should not sit on very low couches and chair as it put strain on the back muscles. The height of the chair should be proper enough so that a person can sit straight as per the height.

3. Sleeping On Mattress:


Sleeping on a firm mattress supports the back. So mattress should be chosen very carefully and a person should take only one pillow as it is sufficient for supporting the neck.

4. Take Breaks While Driving For Long:

While driving the seat of car should be adjusted in a way that it gives ample support to lower back. This is the most neglected area now days. While going on the long drives, it is advised to take short breaks so that you can stretch and relieve the muscles.

5. Adjusting the Chair:



Today’s dynamic working conditions demand long working hours. So a proper care is required in offices as well. While working on systems, the chair should be adjusted as per the height of a person so that it gives proper rest and support to back. Backrest usage is also advised in this scenario. A person should take regular breaks for moving ad stretching little. This will help in proper blood circulation.

Avoid Twisting Of Body:


For females, while doing household work, avoid the twisted position. This is very harmful and 90% of the females who suffer back pain is due to their wrong position or posture at the time of day to day work.

A person should take care while handling the loads or lifting up the heavy things.
The work life balance should be maintained. Always take break from stressful and long working hours. The stressful conditions also increase the muscle tensions.

There is no need to be anxious regarding the back pain. Simple steps and care can help reducing or avoiding the back pains.

We need to take absolute care of the back of our body as it supports us to stay active in our everyday life.