6 Foods Should Avoid During Breastfeeding

6 Foods Should Avoid During Breastfeeding


It is imperative that you have regular meals when lactating, because you want your daily dose of nutrients, so wants your baby. Every baby reacts distinctly to distinct food items, so what works for your acquaintance’s baby wont work for you. Therefore, to set the ball rolling, here are six foods that you should stay away from in order to sail through safely throughout the delivery period.

While many will agree that breastfeeding is very important and crucial for your little one, there are also a various restrictions that go along with it. No, we are not talking about certain things you should not consume for danger of passing it along to your child. While babies do enjoy having a distinctive taste or flavor from their breast milk. There are however, certain food types that may be dangerous for your baby. These may even cause adverse reactions in the baby. Hence, it is imperative to understand the foods and chuck it from the list of a doting, nursing mother’s diet.

Foods you ought to avoid when breast feeding, are as follows:


Nursing mothers do not necessarily need to completely avoid alcohol, but they do have to drink sensibly. This further means that you should never nurse while the alcohol is in your blood. Once the alcohol is out of your blood, it is also not in your milk. Therefore, that’s the appropriate time to breast feed.


Most women simply love chocolates. Their love for them is just beyond human understanding, They innately have an inclination, craving for them. If you really have a thing for chocolates, try not to consume much. Also, try to opt for white chocolates because they are not as difficult to digest as dark chocolates that too for a small body like that of a baby. Other sweets are actually bearable and does not hamper a lactating mother like this one.


We have often heard that caffeine is best to say goodbye to your sleep. Well taken! Caffeine if taken by new bee mothers in form of coffee or soda it may also result in the baby’s sleep disturbance. If this can be avoided, limit your caffeine intake to up to two cups a day.

Citrus Fruits

It is significant for nursing mothers to consume fresh fruits in abundance every day, some kinds of them may exasperate the baby. Specifically fruits with high content of C concentrate like pineapple, lemon, oranges and grapefruit can even give a rash. And furthermore vegetables like cabbage, beans , cucumbers may make the lil one gassy.


It is said that if you have family allergy pertaining to peanuts, then you must not consume it. As it can even cause the baby to develop peanut allergy, nursing mothers may just want to be cautious.

Spicy Foods

Foods that spicy ( eg. Red pepper, chilli, curry, onions) may be hard for the hard on the baby’s digestive system. It can result to the baby having diarrohea, an upset stomach and sometimes, even puking. Some babies may suffer from severe abdominal pain as well.

Remember those substances which are addictive to you will be addictive to your baby as well, therefore, your baby’s small size will intensify the impact of these substances. Mother’s ought to be on guard about substances such as caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and any other drug.