Does your socks often go lost just before you are all ready to wear them in the morning. Or sometimes while cooking, do you just forget if you had already put some salt or not. Also, do you forget even the carefully kept things, that you thought you will never forget. Or do you find it difficult to memorize your security pin numbers, your girlfriend(s) phone number(s) etc etc?If yes, then you must carry on reading this article. Because, even if it will fail to help you, it is not going to harm you any way either. So, better keep reading.We have some techniques to share with you in order to sharpen your memory. Or rather rebuild it! Here are those few simple tricks, methods and remedies you can adopt to help your fading memory.

1. Eat the right:


Eating right helps in almost every case. And here as well. Including the right foods in your daily diet can largely affect your memory. Foods such as Avocado, blueberries, beans & legumes, nuts, rosemary, spinach, tomatoes, whole grains etc, if included in your regular meals can largely alter the quality of your memory. Consuming a balanced diet, with these ingredients included will help you a lot in retaining and recalling better.

2. Sleep tight:


Having a regular and intense sleep helps a lot in boosting memory. While you sleep, your brain also tends to rest. And while the brain is resting, all the thoughts inside it, are kept still and kept calm. This enables these thoughts to be retained and preserved well. It is also said that you must go to sleep immediately after learning or memorizing something, this helps in better recall the next day. Sleep also reduces stress, anxiety and tension, which in turn helps you to keep calm and again, retain better!

3. Always write:


If you often forget to do some important work, that you kept for later, then this trick is surely going to help you a lot. All that you have to do is to write a word or so related to the work you’ve kept to be done later, on your hand, wrist, fingers, arms or anywhere else where you often look at. Suppose, you have to check an online result of your exam after reaching home from office, then you can write ‘RESULT’ in block letters, on your hand. This will keep reminding you of the work, every time your glance will move across your hand, which obviously will move across, after every while. Try this out and look for it’s effectiveness.

4. Keep a chart at sight:


If you tend to forget even the minor daily routine activities such as taking along a file, water bottle etc while leaving for work/study, or switching off the geyser, lights, or folding back your blanket etc, then there is one simple method to keep control over the mess that you daily create by forgetting things. You can make a daily routine chart in which you can list down 8 to 10 such things that you often forget. You must put up this chart at a place such as the main gate of your house, where you get to see it just before you are about to leave. This will enable you to quickly check over the possible mess, that you might have created otherwise!

5. Memory games at night:


To sharpen and brighten your memory and improve your power to retain and recall, you can do this fun exercise every night, before sleeping. Play memory games with you family members, kids, wife and who so ever. Make a circle of at least three people, and start whispering a word in each other’s ear turn wise. Now each one of the players will add an extra word to what is being whispered by the previous person and utter both the words to the next person. Similarly, the next person will add one more word to the previous two words and utter them in the ears of the person next to him and so on. This will boost your retaining power!

These are a few simple and fun tips to boost your memory power, so just that you do not trigger a daily mess! Try them out and see if these helps you!

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    That is a great tip especially to those fresh to the
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