5 Things You Should Just Not Do Immediately After Sex

5 Things You Should Just Not Do Immediately After Sex

Nothing can be more refreshing, ingenious and stimulating than a sexy sex session with your spouse. After you have shed all that sweat and have had a good dose of each other’s body’s flavours by mingling together, it is important to follow a certain etiquettes and a code of ethics. Your bond and love for each other does not end with the end of a sex session. There’s always much more you can do and must do to strengthen your relationship further. Avoid the following 5 gestures immediately after  a sex session with your partner.

1. Do not immediately fall apart to capture your respective spaces

Capture Your Respective Space

Now that the session is near it’s end and you are lying over or under your partner, do not switch over your place or fall apart as soon as it ends, to be able to lie down freely. Yes, you might have had quite a lot of discomfort all that while, but hold on a little more before falling into your comfort spaces on the bed. Lie over or under your partner for some more time and hug each other. Immediately falling apart after sex conveys that till then you were in a real discomfort and now that it is over, you want to switch over your position in order to get out of that hell. Even though this might be true as well, but Your partner is going to feel weird about this gesture.

2. Do not turn around your face

turn around face

Once you are over with a steamy session and now lying together on bed, do not turn your face to the other side of your partner, even if you are still in contact with him/her through other body parts. Turning your face around is not a very good idea because your partner might want to initiate a talk or simply may want to say something to you, and your turned around face might hesitate him/her from initiating a conversation or so. You might close your eyes and relax, but only while facing towards your partner and nowhere else.

3. Suddenly stop all intimate gestures:-

gesture stop

Till the time you were over or under him/her, you were doing all sorts of freaky, crazy and cheesy things to your partner. But since it’s done now and you are off each other, you do not show any gestures that communicates intimacy to your partner. You are no more cuddling, hugging and kissing each other. This is again a very rough and a  loveless gesture to display immediately after sex. You must hug each other and keep lying in bed. If not hug, then at least you should hold each other’s hands and lie down quietly. A sudden stop to intimacy might convey a different picture to your partner!

4. Go and wash yourself

Wash Your Self

Yes we know that you have had a smashing time together and all sorts of body juices have been exchanged between you both, but this is no reason to immediately rush to the bathroom. You both are partners and share sheer intimacy with each other. You should be comfortable enough with each other‘s body odors, sweat and other body waters. Immediately rushing to bathroom to take a shower or clean your genitals or  for brushing your teeth is not fine until it’s quite urgent to do so. You should be congenial with each other’s body.

5. Check your phone and other stuffs

check stuff

You must have missed some important calls and text messages, we agree! But checking onto them immediately after having an intimate time with your partner demeans the value of your partner’s company to you. Checking for your other stuffs such as your clothes, wallet, specs, keys etc immediately after you finish off, depicts that you were just so worried about other stuffs all the while and having a good time with your partner was never primarily on your mind. You should be relaxed and considerate enough towards your partner and should not inculcate a habit of immediately switching onto a ‘stuff search’ ride.

So, these are the five inept gestures that tends to demean your own intentions towards your love for your partner. And you must simply avoid taking up theses gestures in bed to strengthen the bond further!