5 Things To Do While Teenage Pregnancy

5 Things To Do While Teenage Pregnancy


Teenage is a period when you are growing. Growing not just in terms of physical growth, but much more than that. You grow mentally, emotionally, biologically, psychologically, ethically and socially. And while you are growing multi dimensionally, you learn with your experiences, your doings and your efforts. You learn to grow, you grow to become better and you become better only to be the best ultimately. Teenage is a period marked by only growth. Growth that is multi dimensional. And while this whole process you tend to make mistakes and learn, and then again make mistake only to never repeat the same again! SEX is also one of the thrilling thoughts that a teenage mind revolves around. This leads to a dodginess in their mind about what is right and what is wrong. And while all that is happening, you sometimes take a good, and sometimes a bad decision. One of the consequences of the decision taken by you can be teenage pregnancy. Now how to deal with it is what yo need to know. Go through the following points and brace yourself.

1. If pregnant, go and tell :


Once you know you have become pregnant, do not try to keep it up to yourself only, go and tell it to someone whom you trust. Now, it may be your best friend, your boyfriend, your mom, your dad, your aunt or anyone whom you are close with and probably who knows that you have been sexually active. Do not constraint it up till yourself as it will bother you like anything and trust on it that you won’t be able to manage it alone. So, go and tell first in order to get out of the trauma and feel comfortable first of all.

2. Talk and decide :


Now that you have told about it to someone, you need to sit and talk to that person and have a discussion about what you should do. It will be best if you can talk it out with the father of the child, because after all the decision has to be mutual. You both must decide on what to do next, whether you want to keep the baby or not. If the father is not present with his support, do not dishearten yourself, rather discuss the same with the one you’ve told it to. Be quick to decide and proceed, as with time complications might grow even more complex !

3. Once you decide to keep the baby :


Now that if you have decided to keep the baby with mutual agreement of you and the father, you need to take a lot of care and precautions . First of all, go and meet a doctor and tell him about everything in order to seek his help. Have faith in yourself and the doctor, they are experienced and have already dealt with such cases before. They will give you the possibly best help. So, do not hesitate and feel free to discuss anything to everything. He might make you a diet chart and would provide you with a certain multivitamin supplements that are necessary for your and your baby’s health. Eat the right amount of every vitamin and mineral present in natural foods and also keep taking along the supplements advised by the doctor.

4. Once you decide to abort the baby :


Once you decide to abort the baby, you need to again go and consult the doctor about how to do it and which way will be the best for you according to your health. They might suggest you an abortion pills or a full fledged abortion procedure depending on your body’s strength and capability. You might feel sick for sometime but the symptoms will go away gradually within a week time or so.This is what you must take care of immediately after an abortion.

  1. Engage yourself into something that you like and enjoy doing.
  2. But refrain from doing something strenuous. Avoid working out or doing aerobics for 24 hours.
  3. Take rest and eat right. Have lots of fruits and fresh vegetables, soup and healthy carbs.
  4. For at least two weeks after the abortion, do not indulge in vaginal sex and also refrain from using any sex toys or so.
  5. Your next period will return after 4-6 weeks of abortion. Till then don’t panic and wait patiently.
  6. You must avoid hot water bath, swimming, jacuzzi, using tampons etc. However you may start doing all of this after 3-4 weeks of abortion.
  7. Keep seeing your doctor or your health care provider till 3 weeks after the abortion to avoid any further complications or even mild infections that may occur due to negligence.

Be cautious the next time : Once you are over the trauma and feel better now, do some self analysis of how the whole procedure has been to you. What you liked about it and what you hated. Good or bad, but learn from it. If you do not want to go through the trauma again then be overly precocious the next time. Use condoms or other birth control methods such as IUCDs etc. Know as quickly as possible, if you are pregnant or not.