5 Things That Women Want In A Relationship

5 Things That Women Want In A Relationship


Women are famously known as demanding creatures, and so are they as well. Women require a lot of attention, love, care, support and concern. At least, quite a lot more than what men require. And this is justified as well. How? Well, so what if women require all of this and are famously known as crazy demanders, it’s women only who also give to people, and that again, a lot more than men. Women are famously known as givers too. She gives birth, life, care, support and much much more to her people. And then if she demands for a little in return, she gets tagged as ‘demanding’. Well, not to start up a debatable topic here, let us start over with the five basic things a woman looks for in a relationship.

1. Value & importance :


Every woman, in fact every person irrespective of the gender desperately requires these two aspects to be present in a relationship with his/her partner. But specifically talking about women, yes, they want it more, probably because they require it more than the opposite gender. They require it more because often they get less of it. When in a relationship, women usually start assuming their partner to be their complete world. She owes him that way. Most women immensely value their partners, and give them the importance as if there is nothing more to their life than them!

Now, about men. They usually maintain a fair and good balance between love and life. For them, love is beautiful, but an aspect of life! It is not bad to think that way, but sometimes this way men end up prioritizing everything else other than love. They end up giving less of importance to women as compared to what they get from them. And this bothers women. They of course require a partner as loving as they themselves are. This gap between both the gender’s approach to love and life is sometimes disturbing for women, and therefore they demand for greater value and importance from men.

2. Space and Respect :


Women again have to ‘demand’ for it because they often don’t get it enough from their partners. Space to what they do, want to do and will do, in terms of their professional career. They sometimes need a bit of that support of men, to let them do what keeps them happy, now that may be working outside home, pursuing their hobbies, visiting new places, go wandering with friends etc. These small liberties makes a woman’s world, full of happiness.

A space for herself where she can do what ever she feels like, when granted to her, makes her feel on the top of the world. Also respect, in terms of what she is, what she likes(now that may be way different from what you like), what she does, can be like a cherry on the cake. Or rather, cake below the cherry! No woman would want to be disrespected in any manner. Treating her with a nice cup of coffee, when she comes back home, working after all day long, will show that you respect her professional life and understand her desires, her choices and her space. This will also reflect your care for her. This will in turn raise you in her eyes and she will respect you even more then!

3. Credit & Appreciation :


Sometimes men start taking their partner for granted. This usually happens when you have been in relationship for quite a long now. Men become ungrateful to their partners for whatever they may do for them. It might be cooking, cleaning the house or going that extra mile just to get the lingerie they think their partner will like that night. You must always keep reminding your woman that, what she does is simply beautiful and that you are so much grateful to her for all that she has done till now and is still doing. You must appreciate even the minutest of their efforts, for example getting you your daily medicine on time. It is not that women always want to fetch some acknowledgement of what they do or that they do it all as a favor, but it’s just that a little appreciation keeps them going. They feel wanted and valued. It gives them a satisfaction that yes, she is still important to you and will always be.

4. Security and commitment :


These words might sound heavy, especially to men. But if you think deep into it, you will realize that there is nothing heavy about it. It is rather the very basic requirement of any human being who has emotions and feelings. Just as we live with our family, feeling all secured, that no one is one day going to just throw us out of our home, the same way women want these simple factors such as security and commitment to be present in their relationship, in order to just avoid being suddenly deserted one day! They just want an assurance that their sheer investment of time, soul and a whole lot of emotions into a relationship is not going to be wasted just like that. Is that too much to ask for? The reason why women demand it more than men, is that men are famously known to be escaping commitment. Although that does not mean that all the women out there are always ready to commit to the men. But here we are talking about the general scenario, and the general scenario clearly depicts this picture of men being more commitment phobic.

5. Everything except some, in bed :


Now, coming to the bed, we mean coming to what women want in bed. Yes, of course women like being pampered, being cuddled, being played with like a child and all that. They love it when you go all romantic with them. They are at their high if you keep telling them how valuable they are to you. The little things that you do to them makes their day, and eventually, makes your night!(blink).

That’s true! Keep women happy with such small things and they will reward you with the best. Having sex with her man is equally exciting and thrilling for her as it is for him to have with her. Women too want it, need it and love it. But the trick here, to get the best out of them is to keep them happy. Women are emotional beings. Way too emotionally dependent than men. If their emotions have had their feast and are being well taken care of, they feel happy and ecstatic. And this ecstasy is then reflected, while in bed. So, the trick to their turn-on is to keep them pampered always.

Now, coming to what they like in bed, once they are turned on. Well, to be honest they will like anything! Anything that you will do to her with all your heart, strength, vigor, love and passion. From a small peck on their neck to all sorts of cheesy things such as wild sex, oral sex, tied sex etc, they love this all. They like being ruled by the men, but sometimes they like to take the charge as well. They like it when you ask them what they want. They like it when you are considerate enough to ask them how they are feeling while having it. But sometimes, they even like being treated roughly and selfishly in bed, but only sometimes! Remember, women are emotional beings.

The more you treat them with emotions, the more they will become sensitized to all of your needs(physical and emotional). Now what women don’t like in bed is their partners treating them materialistically. They don’t like it when men do it just for the sake of their own selves. They don’t like it when men just want ‘sex’ and not them! And yes, they will hate it if you ever, by chance, say to them ‘Please me’!
They might do all the cheesiest and dirtiest of things for you, but only till you treat them humanly and enjoy not just sex, but sex with them!

So, these are the five things a woman desire in a relationship. She might not be the perfect one for you, but if you provide them with all of these 5 factors in the relationship, they will reward you with the best of things. They will do it all for you. Give them one, and they will return you two. (remember, the ‘one’ should be exactly what they desire i.e LOVE)