5 Things Men Must Do During Sex to Make her Crave You

5 Things Men Must Do During Sex to Make her Crave You


To have a truly satisfying sexual experience however, you generally put some exertion into getting yourself into a sexual perspective. Probably, all men experience difficulties during sex, despite the fact that they are more than willing to make a special effort to get a lady hot. Women love when men do thoughtful things, often more than they cherish being taken out or given presents. Women have various convincing reasons to say no to sex, right then what often men’s body and mind read is the best way to know how to get her in the mood.

5 Things Men Must Do during Sex

1. Be a decent friend

5 Things Men Must Do During Sex

If you need a woman to need you and get her in the mood then being a decent friend is a good first step. Behaving like a friend is an easiest way to a girl’s heart. So, it’s ideal to be a friend who talks about current affairs, events and fun things. You need to get some flirty with her, so she could feel warm awkwardly pleasant before to go for sex.

2. Sexual Confession

sexual confession - 5 Things Men Must Do during Sex

The girl you like will obviously be interested and and would wish to know about your sexual thinking to share with her. Evidently you have to get this chance to admit your fantasy for having a good partner like her and then go into the points of interest of your sexual coexistence. Be patient and get more descriptive and explicit horny subtle elements as the talk goes on. And chances are, she’ll also be wet down there just listening to you!

3. Dirty Talkings

Dirty talkings - 5 Things Men Must Do During Sex

Now, she will definitely turn on, if you’ve pulled off your sexual confession without a hitch and she preferred what you had to say. Ask her some if any horny experience she did have in her past. She might hesitate to start with, yet bother her a bit. Furthermore, she certainly wouldn’t see any problems with diving into points of interest. Somehow, it’s be a huge turn on for both of you but as she starts telling her experience, do gasp and talk like you’re imagining the entire thing.

4. Compliments Matter the Most

Compliments matter the most - 5 Things Men Must Do During Sex

As long as you have warmed her up with your horny stories, now it’s time to praise her vicinity in your life. Do neither get overexcited, nor do stop with the messy inquiries. Just compliment her for being such a naughty girlfriend ever in your life. Speak softly and discreetly tell her how awesome it would have been if you were in her life earlier.

5. Play Hard to Get

Play hard to get - 5 Things Men Must Do During Sex

Now you ought to act such as a sexual beast moving slowly from kissing to touching. This will make her feel like you really do like her and care for her most. However that you’re in control of your wishes and aren’t desperate to get your hands everywhere on her, even if you are. While it will take somewhat more for things to reach a natural movement. But you can start thinking about doing more than simply kissing.

Just make sure that whatever you are doing are responded. Even if you’re touching her and she just lies there on the bed doesn’t make noise or do anything, then you’re probably making her uncomfortable. Now you can simply ask her if she’s ready to have sex with you.

Sometimes people think that sex is no big deal, but it can be tough when women decline to get sex with you while approaching her. After doing aforementioned things suggested, doing sex becomes naturally you can make your girl trust that you truly are a man she can completely trust on.