5 Nutritional Facts and Health Benefits of Coconut Water :

5 Nutritional Facts and Health Benefits of Coconut Water :


 A nature’s gift and a refreshing drink both in one, what more could one ask for?

Coconut water which is found in tender coconut has several health benefits due to it’s composition of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and phyto hormones. Coconut water is also known as “nature’s gatorade” has multiple benefits from endurance to battling dreaded illnesses.

1.  Best As Hangover Remedy : Had one hell of a night, and the hangover further gives severe headache and other such ailments. Worry not, coconut water is here at rescue. There are certain elements in coconut water which allows the brain to recover form the night before of booze and head ache. In future if caught in such a terrible hangover coconut water is for rescue. Coconut water has enzymes and electrolytes that can be gained back if lost with constant vomiting and headache with heavy drinking.

2. Essential for digestion : Coconut water comprises of fibre which prevents the belly from any kind of indigestion and also enables the body good resistance power. This water is refreshing in it’s taste and easy to drink too. Coconut water gives a healing effect to bad stomach. It acts a natural anti oxidant and kills all the bacteria smoothly. If coconut water is consumed everyday it not only enhances immunity but also decreases the chances of falling sick frequently.

3. Foster Hydration : The ingredient in coconut water helps in enhancing the energy levels of the body after an intensive day at the gym or sport session. When a body engages in a strenuous activity it loses many important electrolytes and such. Coconut water is rich in nutrients and enables the body to work even at the lose of vitamins and minerals.

4. Decreases level of Blood Pressure : At times the lopsidedness in the high level of blood pressure is due to the loss of electrolytes. Coconut water provides much of the electrolytes and other intrinsic vitamins and enzymes that allows the body to lead a healthy disease free lifestyle. The blood pressure can be kept on check with everyday consumption of coconut water.

5. High in nutrient content :
Coconut water contains important components like that of potassium and sodium calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. Because of it’s composition a healthy individual as well as person with medical illness can consume it. The nutrition infused body can tackle all the adversities.

Coconut water is taken from the green tender coconut and an undamaged one. As a damaged coconut would have stale water in it which would lead to some other digestive problems. These vitamins and minerals are imperative for our body to rejuvenate and function properly. Coconut water contains high amount of potassium. Electrolyte potassium allows to fight diarrhoea (loose stools). Hence with the vital benefits it has one must ensure drinking it at every possible time.