4 Ways You Hug Him/Her Says A Lot About Your Love

4 Ways You Hug Him/Her Says A Lot About Your Love


When was the last time you desperately wanted to hug your lover, but just could not make it? Maybe because people were watching, or because some of your relatives could be around, or you were just not in shape that day! Even if the strangest of reasons have restricted you to hug him/her then you have a chance this time.

A golden opportunity to beat the conventional norms of avoiding showing public affection or ‘just friends’ of opposite gender cannot hug each other. Just think about that day when you literally strived to hug your partner but ‘What the world would say?’ kind of cliche striked your mind. It’s time to take revenge from the so called ‘world’ and let yourself loose so that you just don’t care who the hell is around and simply go on to hug your partner with all the love, emotions and of course power!

Well, all of that was to motivate the unfortunate lovers who don’t live together and barely get to meet each other cosily. Now let’s talk about the couples who already live together and have enough time and opportunities to go cosy. For them too we have something in store. The way you hug your partner says a lot about you and your love. Wondering what all ways can be of hugging each other? Well, there are many. Just check your and your love kind by analysing your way of hugging your partner with the following points.

1. IF YOU OFTEN HUG YOUR PARTNER FROM BEHIND then you are a very romantic kind of a person. You like getting all intimate and cozy. You always want to woo your partner and make him/her feel special. You want the other person to just belong to you.

2. IF YOU HUG YOUR PARTNER FROM FRONT, THE VERY NORMAL WAY then you are a kind of person who completely trust your partner and believe that he/she is only yours. You are not very expressive in terms of showing your love to your partner. You like it being subtle and yet quite good.

3. IF YOU OFTEN HUG YOUR PARTNER WITH YOUR HAND(S) OVER HER SHOULDERS then either you are very tall or your partner is too short. Well, jokes apart such people tend to be very caring and concerned for their partners. They are very supportive and helping.

4. IF YOU LIKE BEING HUGGED RATHER THAN HUGGING YOUR PARTNER then first of all you are a girl for sure. Secondly, you like being loved. You cherish romance with your partner. You are demanding and hate it when your partner pays less of attention on you. Well, you must better start believing in the philosophy of give and take!

Hug day falls on 12th of February. One amongst the days of the valentine week. A week full of only love. Cards, gifts, flowers etc are all that surround your mind all the time in order to make it special for your partner. However, hug day simply brings in butterflies to the stomachs of the newly engaged couples, thinking how and what it is going to be like. You can make the hug day so very memorable by doing something special for your partner first and then asking for a lovely hug in return. Then you may just never know, if you could even get a bonus in the form of a kiss! All the very best